Decrease Your Recovery Time

The benefits of decreased recovery time include: stronger immune system, more muscle growth, less down time away from the gym, and less down time in general. Sometimes it does feel good to get DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), but generally I feel stronger when I’m not sore for 2.5 days. I mean, what’s the point of getting stronger and spending time at the gym, when all you do is lie around afterwards moaning and groaning because you lifted so much? Am I right?

Lectins, Gluten, Phytic Acid, Rapid Blood Sugar Spikes: That’s what you get when you ingest grains in any form.

Phytic acid is the storage form of phosphorus in grains, and it all but eliminates your body’s ability to absorb key vitamins and minerals that are necessary for proper immune function and recovery.

Gluten and Lectins hurt your gut, and overall health is directly related to gut health. When you irritate your gut, you induce an immune response. You are hurting your body’s ability to recover and fight off illness.

Prolonged raised blood glucose is stressful for your body. If you keep it spiking multiple times per day, it will be too busy to properly heal itself while it has to manage all that excess glucose. Plus it makes you feel like a pile of shit. (mid afternoon slump anyone?) No wonder you feel starved and hungry a few hours after your pastry-breakfast!

Get smart, eat like a predator. Eat like you were designed to. Follow my simple rules for diet. You are an animal, after all. The best way to keep an animal healthy is to feed it what it would eat in the wild. For humans, grains are not one of those things.

My recovery time has decreased by 50% since going Paleo/Primal. I also get laid more!


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