Why healthcare is expensive

A major contributor to cost of the healthcare industry is because it all revolves around profit. Doctors are motivated by repeat business. The supply of doctors does not meet demand, because the medical schools are run by doctors who have an incentive to keep supply low, they make it extremely difficult to get in to medical school. Increase the supply to meet demand, and price goes down. This would also increase competition in the market, so that doctors would be forced to give better treatment, or lose clients to a better doctor. Better treatment would mean actually listening to your patients, and instead of prescribing unnecessary procedures and pills, they would have more incentive to actually fix the cause of your problem, not merely treat the symptoms. Better treatment would lead to less medical costs for all, because we would all be healthier. Doctors would actually have an incentive to keep up with the latest research and natural medicine. Here’s an example: Cholesterol has long been touted as the ultimate enemy, but the science has never actually backed that conclusion. There is no actual relationship between cholesterol and health(1). But no doctor today will tell you that. They would rather stick to their “common wisdom”, and prescribe you a dangerous statin drug, lowering your cholesterol to dangerous levels.

Once medicine comes in line with treating the cause, and not the symptoms, expensive diseases like cancer will become less common, removing the need for expensive treatments. Healthier people also means lower insurance costs, because the insurance companies won’t be dishing out tons of cash.

A more immediate solution is to educate your self. Becoming a healthy Human Being removes the need for prescriptions and doctors and high insurance costs. Degenerative disease and age related problems did not exist before the Neolithic era. What changed? We stopped being hunter-gatherers and relied upon cheap “foods” like milled grass seed (grains) that were not even available as a significant food source during the Paleolithic (4). We started eating man made food-like products in a box (5). We got lazy and stopped moving and playing. We hid from the sun. We stopped sleeping enough. We got stressed (2). We blamed saturated fat (3). Once you stop listening to political dogma, it’s not that hard. Take responsibility for your own health and educate yourself; it’s not that hard. Use common sense and eat like a predator; it’s not that hard. Get off your ass; it’s not that hard. And if you are not motivated, and you would rather pop some pill, then you deserve to pay for those insurance bills.

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