New Cycle Begins

I am starting a new lifting cycle today. Here is the program I have been followng since February. It has given me the most results of any program I have ever tried.

MuscleHack THT

Its designed with science in mind, and uses only proven techniques for maximum muscle hypertrophy. His diet regimes are also geared towards gaining lean mucle mass without putting on additional fat. It’s perfect if you are tired of the endless “bulking” and “cutting” that just ruins your body.

I have personally put on decent lean mass, and actually lost fat without doing cardio. I do not follow his diet regimes because I prefer to follow a Paleo/Primal diet. I began using the MuscleHack diets, but found Paleo to provide a more complete sense of health and lean mass potential. It also just makes more sense.

On that note, here is what I ate this morning….


America Runs on Drunken Gonuts


Sinning before I even get to work…


I know, it’s a sacrilege, but I get to fuck myself up about once every 10 weeks. If it makes any consolation, I feel like I’ve been slightly drugged, and my head is spinning. But hey, at least I don’t feel like this EVERY day like all you SAD fuckers (Standard American Diet). Of course, I can’t blame any of you because you are only programmed and conditioned to believe it’s NORMAL. GO BACK TO SLEEP, SHEEP, WE WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO EAT AND HOW TO FEEL. WE WILL MAKE YOU FAT BECAUSE IT’S NORMAL.

I’m done fucking around now. I have to go back to work with the rest of these zoo animals called “co-workers”.

I will be day dreaming of lifting heavy things, and getting that satisfying “pump”.




3 thoughts on “New Cycle Begins

    • So far so good. Once I eliminate things completely, I find it’s much easier to avoid it. If you cheat every once in a while, you are bound to fail, since the craving is fresh in your senses. Think of it like an addiction. How can the crack addict ever hope to quit if they keep trying it “every now and then”? Junk food has the same effect on your brain. Did you know it actually causes serotonin spikes and addictive activity that is similar to amphetamines? That’s my motivator! Keep on keepin on!

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