How I Cured Chronic Acid Reflux With A Paleo Lifestyle

Ever since I can remember, I have had digestive issues and chronic hartburn from every meal. I have lived on Tums and Pepto-Bismol. I had prescriptions for Prilosec and generics. As an infant I cried constantly, probably as a result of inheriting my mother’s unfavorable gut-flora, a direct result of her eating habits.



The problem with all these “solutions” is that they are not really solutions at all. They merely mask the problem, making the symptoms just bearable. Eventually you are forced to up the dose, or deal with pain again.

It’s a common problem for most people on the SAD (Standard American Diet). They just pop a proton pump inhibitor and get on with their day, with no concern for how that 99% shutoff in their digestive system is affecting their health. I was concerned. I knew there must be something better. I wasn’t about to sit around while my stomoach was effectively shut off. Why should I willingly take a pill for the rest of my life? That shit costs money! And I really would like to be able to absorb the nutrients in my food, is that too much to ask?

Lo and Behold! As soon as I started a low-carb diet, symptoms improved. Any time I downed a bagel or some sugary subsance, symptoms returned full force, within minutes. But still, I was not cured. I searched for an answer. What could it be exactly? I knew I started to feel better too, and felt like I was getting more out of the food I ate….. Then I began a Paleo lifestyle…..I WAS CURED! It made sense now! Hahaha! eureka!

I started to make a connection between carb-heavy foods and my GERD. I did more research. I learned about H. Pylori. Turns out, grains are a major trigger to bacterial overgrowth of H. Pylori. The problem with GERD is not too much stomach acid, but too little. H. Pylori support their habitat by suppressing stomach acid production, and antacids perpetuate the problem. When you feel pain and burning, it’s a result of the bacteria causing pressure in the gut, and whatever little acid is present, gets backed up into your esophagus. The broblem with processed foods and carb-heavy foods like grains, H. Pylori love to feed on these, it’s their preferred enery source by fermenting the fiber in them.

The common misconception is that heartburn, GERD, acid reflux is a problem of too much stomach acid. So, everyone tends to avoid acidic foods, spicy foods, etc. Sorry folks, but there is no evidence to support that theory, and after learning about how GERD works, you can see why. It’s pretty simple really.

10 months Paleo, and I am completely heartburn free! I gave away my prescription proton pump inhibitors to some unsuspecting sap. I warned him to just change his diet, he ignored me. I can’t truly blame him. He is just a sheep, conditioned from birth to believe this is normal. Taught that popping a pill every day for your problems is really ok.

I know I’m a freak, I’m that .01% of the population that ACTUALLY USES MY BRAIN. I wasn’t trained to think this way, I just got my head out of the fog of the SAD. I can think more clearly now, I have more energy now, and I sleep better. I can honestly say the women noticed a change too. I have more clout around here because of the Paleo lifestyle. The male types sense that there is a more masculine figure around, and respect floats in my general direction. The female types get a chill every time I walk by, and I can feel their curious eyes, sizing me up. “What is it about him?” Maybe I just found out how to master my inner animal. Self improvement really is easy, you just have to embrace your ancestral background, and utilize it. Eat like the predator you evolved from. I might seem like a cocky bastard, but I feel like a million bucks (a few more punds of lean muscle helps too), so It is damn well justifed.

4 thoughts on “How I Cured Chronic Acid Reflux With A Paleo Lifestyle

  1. Thanks for posting this! I have been suffering form GERD/acid reflux for a while now and just stopped taking my meds and started a paleo lifestyle about 5 days ago… I do feel better already but I am just wondering how long it took before you had no more symptoms? I still have some burning in my stomach that I would like to go away! Also, did you take any specific supplements?

    • Almost immediately it improved, but complete symptoms went away probably after a couple weeks. It’s been so long I can’t remember exactly. I do still have heartburn flareups if I cheat or if I have a lot of beer on the weekend.

      I don’t take any specific supplements for heartburn.

      If you are still having burning, make sure you are really avoiding any artificial or “natural” sweeteners, and make sure no grains or veggie oils are sneaking in to your food. After you are 100% paleo, if you still have sympoms it is possible you could be having a reaction to some other food. For instance, bananas and avocados really hurt my tummy if I eat them as a main dish or on an empty stomach. I think I have some sort of problem digesting the high potassium. Play around with things and see what works. Everyone’s a little different

    • Incorrect. Acid reflux is not a function of “too much acid”. It’s a function of incorrect gut flora balance, causing stomach acid to back up into the esophagus.

      Different foods do not affect stomach acid generation.

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