Meal Frequency, and Getting Enough Protein?

Tired of counting grams of protein? I was. Then I found a simple way to make sure my intake was adequate for muscle growth, without having to go online and account for every bite of food I ate.


Eat one pound of beef a day. One pound of beef, coupled with eggs at breakfast and possibly one protein shake, contains enough protein to meet your basic lean mass needs for the day.

One pound of 90% lean ground beef contains 118 grams of protein. That makes it so easy! 1/2 a pound at lunch, 1/2 a pound at dinner. A few eggs at breakfast and a protein shake somewhere in there, I’m golden!

I’m an average size guy, at 165 lbs, so if I get lazy and don’t eat enough, my protein count can go way down. I used to get worried in the middle of the day, have to log on to Paleo Track, and check what I ate to make sure I didn’t have to fill myself to the breaking point all at dinner. So much easier now to just portion out my meal, and know what I have to eat at each sitting.

Cook it up with some broccoli, make it extra spicy if you want. I know I like it to melt my face off! Mmmmm spicyyyyy.

I’d also like to talk about my meal frequency. A lot of bodybuilding and fitness people say you need to eat 6 times a day “to keep the meabolic fires burning”. This is total hogwash. There is no science to support the claim. There is no metabolic advantage to eating many times per day, and in fact, it actually hinders your body from burning fat for energy, and reduces satiety.

I eat a maximum of 4 times per day. I do not snack because I do not get hungry between meals, not in the least. On non-workout days I sometimes fast until 11AM, and eat dinner no later than 7PM. This practice of Intermittent Fasting keeps up your metabolic flexability, and has a number of other advantages.

Numerous animal and human studies done over the past 15 years suggest that periodic fasting can have dramatic results not only in areas of weight (fat) loss, but in overall health and longevity as well.

I think that’s a good introduction into IF (intermittent fasting). It’s a topic I will keep bringing up, because it serves a purpose not only for fat loss, but it has it’s place in bodybuilding too.

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