Missing Link(s) 11/30/2011

Here are some interesting articles and blog posts for your entertainment. Health Correlator posts very easy to understand discussion about VLDL cholesterol metabolism in the liver, teaching us more about the dangers of a diet full of processed carbs and sugar.

Healthy Diets and Science, one of my favorite blogs, always posts the most up to date research regarding fat and cholesterol. This one reveals the deadly risks of having too little cholesterol.

Over at Hunt-Gather-Love, I spotted a great discussion by Melissa about processed foods dominating school lunches

Apparently, Americans are all racist because we prefer white meat. WTF?!!!11!? uh..NO. I actually prefer dark meat anyway, its way better for you and tastier. I think Americans are just DUMB, not racist. (I’m an American btw, so what I really mean is, anyone who follows the SAD is dumb)

Great post at LeanGains about the dredges of “Fuckarounditis”

Marks Daily Apple, always delivers, especially with great fucking titles like “How to Eat More Fat“. I LOVE IT! #Winning.

Another good one by Nora at Primal Body Primal Mind. It’s all about how our “need to keep blood sugar up” is all hype.

Finally I had a good laugh, Primalmeded had a great Turkey Day blog post titled “How (not) to Put on Weight During Thanksgiving” poking fun at all the SAD people. I especially like these two items:

5.  Have a breakfast of champions: a bowl of wholegrain cereal full of fibre to make you fill so bloated that you can’t even look at the turkey without letting out a sneaky one. Don’t have a single ounce of fat with your breakfast: your arteries will be swimming with saturated fat in a few hours time. Let’s try to avoid a heart attack at a family party.

Don’t forget your orange juice: freshly squeezed, of course. Do you see those orange bits floating in your glass? That’s more fibre, it will lower the GI of your juice from 250 to a respectable 79 and help you maintain even blood sugar levels for the rest of the day.


6. Talking about blood sugar. You will quickly realise after your breakfast that you are ravenously hungry. That’s good. Keep topping up your blood sugar level  every 2-3 hours with such wholesome snacks as bagels with low fat cream cheese, tiny tubs of no fat soy yoghurt with fake chocolate flavour and a few multi-grain cereal bars.



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