Missing Link(s) 12/8/2011

I’ve decided to make this a weekly habit, to display my favorite posts, past and present, as well as show respect to some of the best bloggers I’ve read. These will often be my favorite articles of the week from the Paleo blog-sphere. Today I’m gong back a bit, and digging out some oldies-but-goodies.

My first choice is also the top post when you google “grains are unhealthy”, so it must be good. Marks Daily Apple always delivers the best in science and common sense based heathy information. Mark never fails to spark my inspiration.

This one comes from a while back. I like it because I always enjoy a good veg*an bashing, especially when there’s biology involved. J. Stanton at Gnolls.org is my go-to-guy, the right hand man of science based blogging. Check out Does Meat Rot in Your Colon?

If you find yourself with a shortage of meat, check out U.S. Wellness Meats. It’s not a blog, but it gets my thumbs up for decent mail order prices. There’s nothing better than a big box o’ meat showing up on your doorstep! BURGERS! YAY! (with no buns, duh!).

Do you ever question the conventional wisdom on cholesterol? I do. For some great info on cholesterol and all it’s health promoting benefits, check out Healthy Diets and Science. This post delivers just one necessary function of cholesterol, and just might change your mind.

My final choice today isn’t that old, but it’s invaluable. Testosterone is the most useful hormone in our bodies for burning fat and building muscle. Naturally raising my levels of free-T is my goal for the next 8 weeks. This post by Robb Wolf gave me some great starting info and some natural supplement ideas to try out.

That’s all for this week. Got any suggestions? Any comments? Let ’em rip!


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