Progress 12/14/2011

Since my last update, I have added substantial weight to all of my major lifts. Note that in my logs for this month, the first few entries are blank or ioncomplete. This is because of schedule changes, I found it easier to switch from M,W,F to a 5 day M through F, halfway though the cycle. This cut each session down to about 30 minutes, and changed the order of things a bit. It’s great since I’m not at the gym as long.


Top Image taken 12/13/11

Bottom Image taken 11/21/11







Notice I have about a week of rest between major muscle groups to allow for recovery. This has worked wonders so far. I find that between 5 and 6 days of rest works well for me. I actually notice more strength gains on this M-F routine compared to the 3 day split. It could also be related to more energy at the gym, since I’m not doing more than 2 muscle groups at a time. I get in, rage out, and still have energy after to cook, eat, and do-the-nasty 🙂

Before you look at them, keep in mind that MOST of my weights listed in the spreadsheet are PER SIDE. That is, when using dumbbells, barbells, leg press, or the smith machine, the weight is multiplied times 2, then you have to add the weight of the bar if applicable. It’s just easier to do the math in the gym that way.

Here are the totals for some of my biggest lifts. This is the first set in each session. Listed as pounds x number of reps.

Leg press went from 540 x 11 to 630 x 10

Bench press went from 145 x 11 to 165 x 9 (includes 45 for the bar)

Smith shrug went from 235 x 8 to 255 x 11 (includes 15 for the bar)

Overhead press went from 35 x 10 to 50 x 10 (dumbbells. per side)

Deadlift went from 265 x 6 to about 285 x 6 (includes 45 for the bar).

I started to lose form a little bit on the deadlifts, and tweaked my back one day, so I had to take it easy for 2 weeks, focusing on form and lighter deadlifts. I then decreased my deadlifts to 245 for a while before I felt comfortable loading the plates to 285, where I am now.

Remember, the numbers I have listed in the spreadsheets are PER SIDE, unless it is a stacked plate machine like cable curls or tricep pull dows, in which case the number is the total weight, or whatever arbitrary number is on the plates.

Here are my workout logs for the 3 day split

Workout Log 8-17-11 to 11-04-11


Here are the workout logs for the 5 day split I switched to

Workout Log 12-5-11 to 12-14-11

I am somehow missing the log for the time in between, but I was still working out, and you get the general idea of the progress I’m making.


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