Missing Link(s) 12/15/11

Time to feed your weekend animal-mind with tons of animal-type information! Niceness!

I found another way to Set Yourself Up To Win! Mark gives a good book review and summary of their workout methods. Alright! Authors Doug McGuff and John Little have produced a great functional exercise book called Body By Science. It fits in nicely with my methodologies for functional strength and proper rest periods. A new post at Healthy Diets and Science reveals compelling evidence that reducing saturated fat has NO health benefits. I love it! More on the muscle gain front. It would behoove you to learn about the “sweet spot” for making muscle gains. It’s termed “the overcompensation point“, and is based on properly timing your recovery so that next time you lift, you are overprepared, resulting in more gains! In the wild, the surfaces that humans slept on were most definitely not squishy mattresses. Hunter-Gatherer has posted his own personal experiment with sleeping on the floor. I personally notice when camping and sleeping on the ground, that not only is the sleep deeper and more relaxing, but I need fewer hours of it. I also wake up much easier, probably because when your body is all rested up, it says “hey! this ground is hard, and I’m not tired any more, so get up!” Heh. I might try this at home now and see what happens. And if you ever wanted more tricks for getting that ragin’ hard-on, Ergo-log has you covered. Just mix together carnitine and arginine! Eat my dust, horny goat weed!


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