How to Debunk a Vegetarian

A step-by-step guide.

  • Pick a fight

This can be done by posting a controversial topic on your blog, or simply going outside and standing near the entrance of a local health food store with a bloody piece of animal in one hand, and a picture of the animal while it was alive in the other.

  • Argue about various macro nutrients for a while

The typical battle will ensue. You’ll tackle fat, protein, and carbs. Even if macro nutrients don’t really matter to you, this serves no purpose other than to reel them in and get them talking. This is the build-up, we’re only working our way towards the climax now.

  • Wait until they bring up The China Study by T. Colin Campbell as supporting evidence of [insert veg*an doctrine]

Provide an excerpt, a neatly disguised hyperlink, or a hard copy from your pocket, of Denise Minger’s brilliant and incredibly thorough analysis revealing how much of an idiotic shitbag Campbell is, and proving his conclusions utterly incorrect and unfounded. She’s good.

*Note to the wise: A successful debunking takes lots of patience and the ability to withstand circular arguments (and associated irritation in the cranial region, similar to migraine or alcohol poisoning severe head trauma)

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