Why “Occupy Wall Street” Should Be “Occupy Capitol Hill”

From The Macro Hedge:

“Public opinion seems to be that Congress, or more collectively Washington, is full of a bunch of lying, two faced, whiny toddlers who happen to be sophisticated enough to trade on inside information and get away with it, but can’t agree on how to decrease unemployment and put America “back on track”. Politicians spend more time pointing fingers at other people for past problems than they do trying to come up with solutions to fix current ones. Most are embarrassingly uneducated on subjects such as finance and economics that have enormous implications for citizens well being and future. This is easily evidenced by people like Michelle Bachmann and her $2 a gallon gas promise as well as Rick Perry and his inability to name even 3 programs he would cut to curb spending as witnessed during his now infamous “Oops” debate (never mind his inability to even understand the positives and negatives associated with those cuts). We had to waste time listening to a 9-9-9 pizza tax plan that clearly would increase taxes on the lower and middle class (although it can be argued validly that this would be more than fair, but that’s another discussion for another time).

The media continues to cherry pick its favorites by ignoring legitimate candidates like Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul and focusing on flavor of the week losers who are a disgrace to the republican party….” Read the rest on my buddy’s blog, “The Macro Hedge”


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