Missing Link(s) 12/22/2011

Time to get your clicker-finger ready! yay.

Stephan Guyenet has done a great job detailing overeating and hyperpalatability in his October series of posts. This recent one from a 60 Minutes report highlights the importance of staying away from man-made-food-like substances. They’re all out to brainwash our tastebuds! As Stephan puts it, “Our preferences served us well in a natural environment, but in today’s world, they are exploited by commercial interests”. A great guest post on Whole9 by Ben Abruzzo, owner of CrossFit Albuquerque poses a universal answer to the question of stalled progress. Why are you not seeing results? Why are you not losing more fat? Figure it out! More veg*an debunking? My favorite! Peep this nice pic-by-pic critique of Forks Over Knives at The Daily Lipid. He even shows you how atherosclerotic plaques ACTUALLY form (not on the inside of blood vessels, like you wouldda thunk!). It’s not cholesterol that’s to blame, its the oxidation of lipids, my friend! I’ll just pop in a quote from his post, since it sums it up so nicely.

Nevertheless, the depiction in Forks Over Knives is misleading.  It gives the audience the impression that a high concentration of cholesterol is the prime mover in atherosclerotic progression, when in fact the prime mover in the initiation of plaque is the oxidation of lipids and the immune system’s effort to protect the blood vessel from these oxidized lipids, and the prime mover in coronary occlusion is the inflammatory process that degrades the plaque, causing it to rupture and re-heal

He also gives us more awesome Campbell-bashing action. Nice job, Chris! Liberate the meat! I shared this next post with a friend of mine who is training for the Ironman. Traditional training methods for endurance sports usually don’t incorporate much strength training, but the logic supporting that belief is flawed. This study, discussed over at That Paleo Guy, shows us how important heavy lifting can be for endurance athletes. Lastly, I like Robb Wolf’s post about what the future may bring for us “grass-fed grass-roots” paleo people. Who knows? Will paleo get mainstream? That could be problematic…

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