Mad At Work. Need Gym ASAP.

Ever have that really dumb manager, always trying to bust you every time they thought you screwed up, but really they just have no idea how anything actually works??

I have that problem. Thankfully she is not my manager any more, since I switched departments. It’s still the same office though, and I have to deal with her ugly distended belly, her PallMall smelling rankness, her raspy voice, and her bagel-eating DUMB ASS.

Sometimes I wonder how my “superiors” got to where they are, being so ignorant. I’m the lowly cubicle dweller, yet I feel their jealousy because they know I am way smarter than they are. Their only retaliation is to exercise their “dominance” by attempting, poorly, to “put me in my place” by calling me out on “mistakes” that are truly irrelevant, or problems that never existed. Once I prove them wrong, they find something else…

Granted, I deal with loans, and the system can be super confusing (to them). But COME ON! If I can become an expert in a matter of months, why, in their infinite wisdom, can they not grasp this shit after YEARS in a leadership position. ITS THEIR FUCKING JOB for fuck sakes.

One day, I’ll RUN THIS BITCH..


Note to self: focus angry energy at gym, lift big heavy things, rule everyone by being awesome!


One thought on “Mad At Work. Need Gym ASAP.

  1. It worked! My french curls are up to 65×10 (total including the bar). Totally owned the gym on Friday! I love banging out a 30 minute workout on Triceps. BEST way to start the weekend!

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