FUCK Calories!

This book is super funny, and a really great read. If you’ve ever lacked the motivation to change your habits, this is the book for you.

“Fortified” means “We took the good stuff out so we have to put it back in.” Except what we put back in is rarely as good as what was in there in the first place. Grind up a vitamin pill and mix it into some sawdust. Congratulations. You just “fortified” that sawdust. Pour some milk over it, and you’re of breakfast cereal. You think I’m kidding? Hell, wood pulp is probably better for you than most cereals. In fact, look for “cellulose” on the label of your favorite foods. That’s mashed up trees, and it’s in your Eggo Waffles, Fiber One cereal, breads and bagels, and pretty much anything from McDonald’s. Even your Jimmy Dean frozen breakfasts. If you own a wood chipper, you could start your own cereal business.

Download this baby here for FREEEEE!!!

The moral of the story? Don’t count calories, eat real food, and be kickass!


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