How To Burn Fat All Day. High Intensity Interval Training.

High Intensity Interval Training is hands down, the fastest, most scientifically proven method to burn fat and get ripped.

Doing these High intensity exercises takes between 5 and 45 minutes, depending on your fitness level, and are way more effective than hours of cardio.

Intervals stress your body to its limit, which causes positive adaptations in mitochondrial development and fat burning.

2 thoughts on “How To Burn Fat All Day. High Intensity Interval Training.

  1. I jog about 4 times a week for about an hour. I could go longer but I don’t.
    I sprint about 10 minutes and then go back to slow jogging for about 20 minutes and then I sprint once more before I slow down again. This is not timed. All approx. and I let my body tell me when to go and stop. I don’t stretch before. I run slow and feel my movements and body form for the first mile. I have been running since my late 20’s and I’m 59 female. I golf 3 days a week and I’m very strong for a small framed woman. I eat pretty much primal but, I do not eat red meat..because of color red..(child hood thing) my protein comes mainly from eggs and fresh frozen salmon non farmed and few other fish. I am gluetin free and do read labels. full fat only. I cook in coconut oil. I do eat raw cashews.
    I have not tried shellfish in over 12 years from an allergy and gluetin allergy 8 years…since I stopped the gluetin I have never felt better. I never drank sugar drinks because of taste. Unfortunately over the last few years the gluetin foods have become so popular that I went to town eating new foods that made me gain weight until I realized what made me fat and stopped eating anything from a box.
    NO Sugar is what has returned me to my ultimate shape. It is almost a year now.
    I lost about 3 sizes..a little more than I was two years ago. for a 5’2″ woman, I weigh about 125 lbs and wear a size 2 or 26 jean. I ignor the weight..this is where my body feels and looks the best. I go to the gym to weigh myself every 2-3 weeks to see if I have maintained. So far I have. Turning 51 was when the body resistance set in and I didn’t like what was happening to my shape. Nothing to do with my diet and everything to do w/hormones. The only way I have become my old self…was to make sure sugar from the boxed foods was out o my life and only natural sugar from veggies or an occassional blueberry or grapefruit. I very rarely eat fruit unless it comes on my salad.
    I do have a glass of wine or a martini when I want one, but that is rarely.
    What does this all have to do w/intensity training you ask..I have learned that foods I eat and the intensity of my workouts are all from what my body craves me to do intensity wise. I crave that run and endorphin release but I know my limitations and do not push myself when I am not feeling up to it.
    What I have learned from finding this blog and others…wheat belly, marc’s apple…Paleo..etc is that what I have found to work for me fits in with your
    findings and I am learning why and how to improve myself. thank you.

    • I’m glad to hear it! Thanks for the positive feedback and inspiring story! Do you have any before or after photos you could email me? I’d be happy to post your story with your permission.

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