Missing Link(s) 01/06/2012

Hoorah! First links post of the year.

Here’s to crazy New Year’s resolutions! Even though I think, if you need to make a resolution, just friggin do it instead of waiting for some lame ass holiday to provide the motivation for you! Hah.

Among the many useless things in the world, a $20,000 gold cellphone with a dragon on it. Wow! I love dragons! not. frigginkidstuff.

That ravioli-smile soon turns into the upset-tummy-foggy-brain-cloud frown. Want happy kids? Feed them real food. They’ll stay happier, longer. Not just during the gobbling-wheat-feast called lunch.


Here, lets eat crap “food” and cut out the “evil fat”. Then we can look weak and skinny-fat like Jared. OR we could eat real food, work out like animals, and be strong and sexy!

Don’t fall for it.


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