Converting Vegetarians

That’s also the name of an album I like.

Anyway. Here is why most ex-vegetarians went back to meat eating: declining health!

I do struggle a bit sometimes when I see someone eating in a way which can be compromising their health (sometimes a lot). While it is possible to apply the sort of principles I espouse to a vegetarian diet to some degree, I’d be lying if I said I thought such a diet is likely to be as good for health as a more omnivorous one.

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3 thoughts on “Converting Vegetarians

  1. I was a “beer-and-oreos” vegan for a while. It was terrible! I think I’ve found a great balance now though as a “vegetables-and-MORE-vegetables” vegan!

  2. I do not believe in one true answer to all diet dilemmas. Different variations work for different people. For me, veganism is the best way to go. For others, such as yourself, paleo works. We are humans and in that sense we are capable of adaption.

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