Drop the Pink Weights! Women Should Deadlift!

Here is what proper heavy lifting, and deadlifts, can do for your butt.

Please, stop with the fluffy pink weights! Do something USEFUL!

This woman doesn’t look “bulky”, she looks HOT.

It’s time everyone started getting it right!

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12 thoughts on “Drop the Pink Weights! Women Should Deadlift!

  1. She is pretty hot, but that’s a little intense for me. I’ve been sticking with a lot of crossfit workouts and pushing into the P90X kind of thing and really enjoying the results. Women definitely should not be afraid of lifting. This is a good message you’re trying to get across. Most women steer clear of any and all upper body exercises for fear of getting big, but what they should be doing is fully utilizing their body and body weight in an effort to increase strength and mobility.

    • It’s my beleif that if you can’t do a few pull ups to save your life, you are not “in shape”. I don’t know why, but I find a little bit of firmness on a woman to be the most attractive, opposed to thin, weak, fragile. It’s probably just my animal instinct. You know, natural selection. haha.

      • Oh yeah! I am all for pull-ups, push ups, etc. I think of them as survivor tactics. Climbing a tree or hopping a fence to escape the zombie apocalypse (not serious about the zombie part – just heard a Zombieland double-tap joke). That’s part of the reason I don’t like machines- I am not a body builder and unless a person is I find machines impractical. They’re too focused and most people (myself included) don’t know how to do them properly and even if they do, some of those guys still can’t climb a tree. I would be so down to trying out some deadlifts and more heavy lifting, but I need some gym stud to watch me very closely or I am bound to hurt myself.

      • Just start light, and work your way up to body-weight. The idea is to strengthen your form and technique first, then add weight after you have the core strengthened. Being able to deadlift your own bodyweight is kind of a useful skill!

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