Missing Link(s) 1/13/2012

Steve Jobs has been immortalized: A new toy, not from Apple this time.

Men do think differently than women: Testosterone changes how you see, think, and act.

Charles Barkeley was stupid to advertise for Weight Watchers anyway

Lard is coming back

How to tell if you’re inflamed: Getting tested for systemic inflammation.

I disagree with this study’s conclusion, and this discussion, that satrated fats make you fat, and monounsaturated fats are better at making you slim. Take a look at the composition of the two diets. They both have roughly the same amount of saturated fatty foods: eggs, cheese, steak, chicken, fish. (Plus that’s the tastiest stuff! yummy).

Here’s the weight chart after (keep in mind, the subjects were already obese, so they already had messed up systems):

I think all this study proves is that eating a variety of good surces of fat is slimming, and that having a sugary ass cheese cake might add about 1 kg of fat if you eat it every day for 4 weeks! JEEEZUS these people must think we’re all idiots! OF COURSE IT WILL! There’s too many variables in the diets to say this was even a quality study. Next time remove the toast and the cake, THEN see how they react!


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