My Favorite Paleo and Fitness Blogs

I HIGHLY suggest you check out the ones I have starred. They are the best resourses for informative discussion and up to date paleo info!

For entertainment value, check out the links with a smiley face.

For the best scientific information, check out the ones with a $ next to it.

In Alphabetical Order:

Animal Pharm

Body Recomposition

Chris Kresser * $

Conditioning Research

Dr Briffa’s Blog * $

Eat. Move. Improve

Evolutionary Psychiatry * $

Evolify 🙂 $

Fat Fiction * $


Free The Animal 🙂 * $

Health Correlator * $

Healthy Diets and Science * $


Hunter-Gatherer 🙂

Lean Gains


Marks Daily Apple * $ 🙂 Pretty much the most famous one

Matt Metzgar

Nell Stephenson

Nom Nom Paleo 🙂

Primal Body Primal Mind

Primalmeded $

Robb Wolf * $

That Paleo Guy * $

The Daily Lipid * $


Theclothesmakethegirl 🙂


Whole Health Source * $


One thought on “My Favorite Paleo and Fitness Blogs

  1. Thanks for the list. I’ve been trying to compile a list of Paleo websites/blogs, and this one looks great. More Paleo reading!

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