Missing Link(s) 1/20/2012

Are you ready? cus I am! This friday is gonna be so cool, because I wrote this!

Why less calories and more exercise don’t equal weight loss

Help prevent cold and flu by making bone broth soup

Make your own kombucha

Track your intake of amono acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Cool!

I told you eating too many PUFAs is bad

BCAAs have many benefits in fasted training

Do you REALLY wanna look like this twat?

I see muffin tops. Someone get him a barbell, QUICK!

Sure you lost 400 lbs, but how many PULL-UPS can you do?

How bout this one? Sure she lost a ton of weight, but I wouldn’t want to be in the same house as her when she’s in the bathroom! Taco Hell diet.

Yup, she’s thin alright. But that’s about it. Where’s the shape? Can she even lift a grocery bag full of meat and veggies? I doubt it.

Compare her to…..

Yah, that's what I thought

Now go forth and LEARN!


9 thoughts on “Missing Link(s) 1/20/2012

      • Hm… Probably not, but when I rank sexiness, I don’t usually factor in strength. It is definitely a little bonus and I do prefer women who are in shape and care for themselves and their bodies, but being able to do pull ups or have intense muscles isn’t on my list of qualifications.

        • That’s a pretty shortsighted view of sexiness. I have a bit more of a long term outlook on the subject. Considering the implications of significant lean mass on total health throughout life, I find a significant functional amount (not as much as me, mind you) to be ultimately sexy. Especially when considering the ideal mate. Simply being thin is not very wise for someone who would like to be strong, healthy and vibrant into old age, and be able to resist sickness and injury. It also supports attractive shape into your “beyond 40 years”.

          Having some functional strength at a young age sets you up for the long run, where it’s crucial to set that foundation early on. Plus it looks damn good. Those photoshopped airbrushed images of celebrities gives us an artificial idea of sexiness and promotes the idea that everyone else wants to be “just thin”. Not having a firm background on which to hang their skin really appears weak and frail in real life.

          Now keep in mind I don’t know what kind of routines their personal trainers have them on, and I’m sure many of them actually do emanate functional strength, so I’m not specifically picking on the ones on your blog. I’m picking on the idea of being “just thin”, where many will just diet-away all the lean mass on their body. Not my ideal mate.

        • I agree with you. Part of sexiness is taking care of your yourself and your body, as I mentioned above, not just “being thin.” But I do not consider heavy lifting, pull-ups, or intense strength training as a required aspect of taking care of your body.

      • Lifting heavy things every once in a while IS absolutely necessary to longevity, health, and “taking care of your body”. Only lifting heavy things creates structural adaptations in muscle and bones to keep us strong and resistant to injury long into old age. I’m not sure we mean the same thing when you say “intense strength training”, but my routine is far from intense. I spend between 30-45 minutes, M-F lifting weights. I see progression each week. Consistently. But the only intense part is that it’s hard work and I train to failure. You need to realize that taking care of your body the right way is not ever going to be easy. If you want to be lazy and not work hard, your goals will be severely hampered. I’m going to continue this in my next post since you inspired me. Keep an eye out and please put your further responses there 😉

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