Lack of Animal Protein and Fat Causes Difficulty with Comprehension and Logic

…and may result in spewing smug, ficticious doctrine.

Check out Melissa’s neat little vegan comment generator. It’s good for a laugh.

Here’s a few…

Vegan food never causes cruelty to animals. My food is cruelty free. No animals ever die in the production of fruits, vegetables, or those proteiny things, well…except for when they till up the fields or apply rodenticide…but nevermind. MEAT IS MURDER. If someone told you they were going to just enslave someone a little bit bit how would you feel? Go Vegan. It’s the only way.
What a moron. Another arrogant human who believes that might makes right; pathetic. I haven’t read it, but the report Livestock’s Long Shadow says that meat causes most of the world’s problems. Don’t tell me that there are different production methods, I can only think simplistically and can only consider one perfect diet, which is vegan. Animal protein is pure acid in the body subsequently causing your body to then leach calcium from your teeth & bones to buffer the acidic environment…not to mention the adrenaline, uric acid, cholesterol & pathogenic bacteria (E coli) u get with your juicy steak. Read The China Study.
The health equation tells us that green vegetables are the most nutrient dense “superfoods” if you will. Please don’t remind me how many pounds I have to eat to get 1 gram of protein from them. Humans have been using blenders for millions of years. I don’t think my being vegan invalidates my intellectual capacity for critiquing this analysis. i’m an epidemiologist. I know enough to know that Denise’s analysis was crude at best and completely wrong at worst. Only epidemiologists, members of an elite and infallible ninja-like order, like me can handle data like this. And Dr. Campbell, since we all know doctors go through rigorous stats training. Go Vegan. It’s the only way.
I’m having a hard time staying in my chair I’m laughing so hard. I think they might be missing a few key nutrients! haha!

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