Women need love. Men need respect

Damn this really hit home for me. Check out this post at Hooking Up Smart.

For men, Respect isn’t just a necessary element of the relationship – it’s a heady aphrodisiac.

In my experience, women don’t really care as much about the idea of Respect as men. It’s lower on their list of priorities. The idea of Respect is to men what the idea of Love is to women – it’s vital, valuable, elusive. 

Respect him for his positive traits and victories – even if they’re small. If you expect Love from him, be prepared to deliver Respect. You’d be amazed how committed a man will become to you if you make him feel like he’s the hero.


When my girlfriend looks up to me, I want to be as good as she believes I am. That’s what guys mean when they say, “You make me a better man.”

Pretty cool stuff. Check it out.


5 thoughts on “Women need love. Men need respect

    • I’m talkin ’bout the kinda respect that when I say get in the kitchen, she does, and when I say kiss my boo-boo, she does. And she better be a damn fine cook, too! THATS the kinda repect I’M talkin ’bout!

      I kid, I kid. Totally fucking with you.

        • Well most of them are too busy taking care of their respective man. Also, my close friends tend to be a bit more free in that regard.

          Though I have seen the most independent, strong willed women go completely mama bear in the home environment, catering to their man’s every little desire. The instinct is there, you just have to be the right kind of man to deserve it.

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