Missing Link(s) 2/03/2012

Don’t miss these links today!

Careful who you donate to. Most charities probably get money from drug producers.

More government pushing the “little guy” around.

Do your duty and make these folks smarten up. Tell them to avoid this class called “healthy whole grains”. STUPID!

Authority can cause ordinary people to become agents in a terrible destructive process.

Not that it’s the purpose of the post, but this is really interesting. Apparently, there is a market for people who professionally get obese, then rapidly drop down to normal bodyweight, for the purpose of diet program advertising! Apparently its really easy for a lean person to get fat, and go right back to lean, since the change is short enough to not mess up your metabolism. huh!

More reasons to become a soap-less hippie 🙂

Generate your own meme (rhymes with “team”) like this one!

Socially Awesome Penguin - Forced to do karaoke record deal

Socially awesome penguin. SWEET!


By the way, happy supperbowl weekend!


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