Fatty acids can be converted to glucose in the liver.

Your old (and new) textbooks may have deceived you. Many of them continue to assert that no pathway exists in order to convert fatty acids to glucose. How wrong they are…

“We can see that despite the many different paths down which acetone may travel to ultimately wind up at pyruvate, they all start with the conversion of acetone to acetol, a conversion facilitated by an enzyme called cytochrome P450 2E1, or CYP2E1 for short.  Insulin suppresses the production of this enzyme, while acetone prevents its degradation (10). Thus, when insulin levels fall and ketone levels rise, as occurs when our carbohydrate intake is low, our cells increase their supply of CYP2E1 and thereby activate the conversion of fatty acids to glucose.  We’ve found our way to the expensive Candy Factory in the magical Land of Ketogenesis.”

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