My Progress

Where is my progress?

I haven’t posted about it in a while. It’s because I’m trying something different.

I’ve got my body fat down to lower levels, the point where additional fat loss is very difficult and slow. I’m beginning to take a minimalist approach to my lifting and training regimen, which will inevitably slow my muscle growth a bit, so it’s not as impressive for me to post my workout logs at this point.

The reason for my minimalist approach is mainly just for those final percentages of body fat to come off. It will take maybe a couple months if I stick to it properly. But ultimately working out only 3 days a week, for less time than usual, and doing less volume with heavier weights. This is to keep stress, and cortisol levels down. It also makes it easier to eat less. Lower stress, slightly less activity, slightly less hunger.

Hopefully this will supplement my intermittent fasting and fasted training regimen, and I’ll see that six pack slowly develop and become more defined without losing any muscle mass.

I’m also doing some carb-refeeds at precise times in order to control leptin. This is another trick for us low body fat-ers. Since lower fat mass means leptin is low, and hunger is then higher, the only unique way to deter this and speed fat loss is to have intermittent re-feeds that make it seem to your body that you are “overeating”. This brings up leptin for a time, suppressing hunger and speeding fat loss temporarily. Carbs have a unique way of stimulating leptin.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes. More updates in the coming weeks….


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