Fix your shin splints

Most of this has to do with running, but it’ll help with your walking shin splints also.

I think the first thing you’d want to try, and the easiest, is to go with minimal shoes, like I wear, so they don’t interfere with natural movement.
1. Learn to not be a heel striker when running. land midfoot to forefoot.
2. Therefore, wearing minimalist shoes or barefoot is best, as “running shoes” and anything with a heel or too much cushion enables an artificially wider gait, enabling you to heel strike = BAD.
Minimalist shoes makes natural movement possible and strengthens your arch, and the other foot muscles. (Think about it. An arch support is like a cast. What happens to your arm muscle after it’s been in a cast for a whole month? It atrophies. When your arch isn’t asked to do it’s job by supporting your body, it will atrophy. What a great gig DR Scholls has set up, he sells products that perpetuate the symptoms they claim to fix!)
3. Don’t over-stride. Land with your feet closer to underneath your hips, not with your feet landing ahead of your hips.
4. Don’t push off with the toes. Learn to move at the hips.
Look into pose running technique. (far right image)
HMGS: Strike a Pose

6 thoughts on “Fix your shin splints

  1. I had perpetual shin splints all through track in high school. Shoes were completely to blame. And I was wearing really nice expensive running shoes. Now I only run in Vibram Five Fingers and I’ve never had a problem.

    • I wish I could afford ’em! I need new shoes.

      I see people all over the place with those stupid skechers shape ups and other funny cushion bottomed gimmick shoes. great way to screw up your natural movement!

      • Those things are awful for you. They merely create injuries.

        Splurge on the Vibrams! I think mine were ~$100. I have the Trek ones that are a water/hiking/running shoe combo. I literally use them for everything and they’ve lasted me about 2 years thus far with a lot of wear and tear.

    • Oh you know Vibram’s getting a class action against them now for their “frivilous claims” about the benefits of their minimal shoes? Hope Vibram sticks to their guns!

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