Whole Grains. Important nutrients for your body?

What is a grain? It’s a small, hard seed or seedlike “fruit”, esp. that of any cereal plant, as wheat, rice, corn, rye, etc.

So far, I don’t see any evidence here that important nutrients exist in this “hard seed”, do you?

The package goes on to list “the benefits of whole grains”

Bran: The outer layers of any grain. Contains some protein, vitamins, minerals and lots of fiber.

So far, I’m not convinced. How much protein is some? Is it a complete protein, or is it deficient in some amino acids like lycine?

And lots of fiber. This is mostly insoluble, which means it causes lots of gut irritation and gas, as it ferments in the colon. The bacteria in your colon are the only things that can break down insoluble fiber.

Endosperm: The large central portion of the grain. It contains most of the carbohydrates and some protein of the kernel. White flour is made up of ground endosperm alone.

Again, we get some protein, with no indication that it’s either significant, or even bioavailable. I mean, gluten is one protein in grain, but it’s not easy for anyone to digest, and causes a lot of problems with the immune system. Another thing we notice is that the endosperm contains lots of sugar, which isn’t good.

Germ: The small structure at the lower end of the kernel from which sprouting begins and the new plant grows. The germ is naturally high in food value and is rich in protein and vitamins.

Ah, more BS. What exactly is food value? It’s not something I see listed in the ingredients list, or on the “nutrition facts”. This vague term is another failed attempt to convince me there might be something of value in this product. How much food value do I need? Is it healthy? What other foods contain food value?

And oh, the vitamins. How many vitamins? Not many apparently, since they have to add vitamins to the bread to bring the value up. I have a feeling the actual amount of vitamins is almost non-existent without those additives. Wait…it doesn’t matter anyway. Phytic acid makes all those vitamins bio un-available anyhow!

[Why Grains Are Unhealthy]


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