Dan’s Eats

Here’s my menu for the day.

Today is a rest day, which means I’m only eating twice. First meal is a big one, and dinner is smaller today.

Morning beverage: big ol’ cup-o-joe!

1st meal, lunch 12:00:

Big ass green and purple chef salad, with olive oil and vinegar. Topped with one egg, some cheddar, ham and bacon.

Some steamed green pepper in coconut oil, salt and pepper.

2 cans of sardines in olive oil.

1 bag of salmon jerky (I saw it and HAD to try it).

2 organic coconut macaroons sweetened with honey.

1 large coffee with a splash of cream.

2nd meal, dinner 7:00:

large grilled and marinated veal rib chop.

full-fat grass-fed plain yogurt.

Some steamed veggies in pasture butter, salt and pepper.


2 thoughts on “Dan’s Eats

  1. Hi Dan. Just a thought.
    I don’t usually mix my food that much in a meal.
    Your lunch is fish, egg, cheese, bacon, ham, SUGAR and … cream in the coffee.

    When I do that (wedding banquet?) my digestion takes hours and hours.

    Your digestion is probably way better than mine.

    So I prefer to eat one type of food/protein at a time.

    In my rest days I have three meals (one each three hours) in my feeding zone, which is from 7.00 a.m. 13.00 p.m.
    And then I last from 13.30/14.00 pm to 7.00 am next day (17 hours).

    • I don’t find my digestion changes at all, as long as I’m eating paleo, I’m very regular. Once a day.

      Yah, the sugar was in there today, but I generally avoid it. Just a little cheat. But it was honey and not table sugar, so not AS bad.

      Dairy doesn’t really negatively affect me in the form of cheese or full fat yogurt or cream, so i enjoy it sometimes.

      My morning coffee, is always black.

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