Dan’s Eats

Here’s some food I ate this week. In no particular order!

Click on any of the pics for a food-porn style close up!

Here’s some surf and turf! My second meal of today, which is one of the larger ones, since today is a big lifting day. I marinated a tuna steak for 2 days in olive oil, spicy brown mustard, salt and pepper and vinegar. Then grilled it next to a dry-spice-rubbed piece of steak of some sort. Served next to raw shredded organic cabbage!

Along side that surf-n-turf was a granny smith apple and some whole-fat grass-fed plain yogurt! Yumm!

Last night for dinner, a couple pastured beer brats with organic saurkraut (sp?). It was a rest day, so my meals were smaller.





And along side the brats, a little invention of mine called spicy kale! I nuked some fresh kale on top of some chopped jalapeno pepper, bathed in coconut oil, then sprinkled with salt and pepper once cooked. This is a dream. The jalapeno steam imparts just the perfect amount of heat to the kale. It’s so friggin endorphin happy tasty yum!







Finally, the other day I girlled up some chunky-burgers. It’s basically grass fed beef, with chopped onions and thick ass bacon mixed in, with whatever spices I have on hand. I usually make them really spicy, because I love it when my face melts off!

These were served on top of foil-pack-grilled-buttery collard greens n’ onions, with more chopped bacon sprinkled on top!

get stoneage!



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