Missing Link(s)

Happy Friday all you paleoists! Here’s some fun links to help you enjoy your nice long weekend!

Power hash browns from Fast Paleo. Perfect for your Sunday post-sprint meal!

Coffee and happiness

Orangutans play with iPads 

Grains are a poor triathlon fuel

Delicious looking grilled salmon and asparagus frittata

The Poliquin Protein Primer (produced by Charles Poliquin) quotes Jack Weatherford’s book “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World”, saying “The Chinese noted with surprise and disgust the ability of the Mongol warriors to survive on little food and water for long periods….  The Mongols consumed a steady diet of meat, milk, yogurt, and other dairy products and they fought men who lived on gruel made from various grains. The grain diet of the peasant warriors stunted their bones, rotted their teeth, and left them weak and prone to disease.”

More about gut health and gut flora related to obesity


3 thoughts on “Missing Link(s)

  1. I’ m trying the hashbrowns although sweet potatoes can be a disappointment when calling something hashbrown….Coffee
    just has to be good for you…..has to…..I can’t give up anything else.

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