Lawsuits slam Tropicana over “natural” labeling

I’d say it’s about time. The article also states that many other big food companies are getting heat for their deceptive “natual” labeling. We know better, don’t we?

The whole natural issue is a mess,” said Michael Jacobson, the executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a Washington-based food safety and advocacy group that helped get the makers of 7UP and Capri Sun to stop making natural claims about their products.

Jacobson and others say the FDA’s lack of guidance has left lingering questions.

One question has been whether a product with high fructose corn syrup, which is made by processing corn but does not occur naturally, can be labeled natural

You can read the news article [here]

Unfortunately, not all the lawsuits end up with a proper victory. Many times the companies just settle the consumers with a big fat bribe. The labeling never gets fixed.

The company that owns Ben & Jerry’s and Breyers ice cream, for example, settled “all natural” lawsuits for $7.5 million earlier this year, providing customers who bought flavors like “Chubby Hubby” and “Chunky Monkey” cash rebates of up to $20.

Just because something says “natural”, doesn’t mean it actually is good for you, or that it’s truly natural.

The Food and Drug Administration, the agency that oversees packaged food labeling in the United States, has no definition of what counts as “natural.” As long as a food labeled “natural” doesn’t contain added color, artificial flavor or synthetic substances, the agency doesn’t object.

All this means is that the food-product that wears the label fits under the law, which of course has been changed and manipulated over time by lobbyists who work for these big food companies, so that they can call their food products “natural”, in order to enhance their image and sell more product.

Many things that are highly processed and adulterated, like high-fructose-corn-syrup, are even able to be labeled “natural”. High fructose corn syrup isn’t found in nature, so it’s hardly “natural”.

They don’t care about you or your health, they only care about numero-uno, the bottom line, their own pocketbooks.

It’s better to avoid packaged food altogether, anything that has a health claim, usually isn’t healthy.

Eat the foods that don’t need a health claim. The ones that are natural. You know they’re good for you. Veggies, animals and their products, nuts, and fruit. Whole foods. Not anything that is adulterated. Full fat is natural, fat-free or low-fat is not, it’s man made.

Couldn’t get any simpler and natural than that!


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