Throw the scale out the window!

Your goal should be to get lean and burn fat, NOT to lose weight.

When you are lean and have put on some sexy muscle, you will weigh more. And you will be healthier. Who knows, you might even be able to help grampa off the floor, instead of having to call for help!

Relying on a scale to measure your progress is bull.

“Gaining, not losing weight, makes you sexy.”

“…Probably due to the unreasonable and (if you asked me) utterly unsexy ideal of the “beautiful” female model, whose major features are skinniness and a severe lack of skeletal muscle tissue, this obsession not with how much, but rather with how little you weigh, is rampant within the community of female fitness junkies. Based on the misunderstanding that weight loss (at least for females) would equal improvements in body composition, thousands of women starve themselves into what Dr. Connelly often refers to as an “reduced obese state” …”

Read the rest of this article.



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