My Progress

Why the hell not. Put yourself out there. Show everyone what hard work can do. Plus who cares? It’s not like my mom’s reading this, right? 🙂

I can safely say I’m there, almost. A combination of intermittent fasting most days of the week, low carb during the week, higher on weekends. Heavy lifting 3 times per week to failure, with no more than 5 movements per session. 4-6 reps on the compund exercises, and 8-12 reps with the few isolation exercises I do. I also only do HIIT every once in a while.

I get lots of sleep. I’m using fermented cod liver oil for vitamins A, D, and K mostly, since the rest of my diet is pretty much spot on, and I get enough sun so vitamin D should be taken care of otherwise.

I eat mostly eggs, fish, greens, and red meat during the week, and liver mixed into burgers on the weekends, maybe some fruit.

There’s a few beers in there of course. Hasn’t seemed to slow anything down in terms of growth or fat loss.

I’m usually training fasted, with BCAA’s to aid fat loss and strength gains. I have noticed some fluctuation in my max lifts on days I tend to eat less, but it’s fine, as the general trend is upwards.

So here’s what I used to look like, roughly one year ago or so…

Here’s some pics I snapped this weekend.

And here’s the numbers…

Max squat is up to 375 x 7 very slow painful reps. I’ll be adding weight next week for sure since I’m outside my intended rep range. (These are real squats, not leg presses, so it’s much harder to lift as much weight).

OH press in the smith machine is 125 x 5.

Max bench press is 195 x 5.5 reps.

Max deadlift has been pretty consistent, with 305 x 4 reps. Soon I’ll need to buy more plates. I’m maxed out with what I currently own.

Weighted pullups, bodyweight + 45 lbs attached to the waist, 6 reps to failure. Nice!


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