Self Experimentation. Beating dead horses.

I just can’t help myself. I love to beat a dead horse.

Well, apart from the obvious reasons [1, 2, 3, and 4] to avoid grains, here’s just one more nail in the coffin, just to demonstrate the far superior nature of whole foods and animal foods. (I kind of did this in a previous post about calories, but I honestly don’t give a crepe. hehe.)

(You can click the images for a better look)

Here’s the so called glorious benefits from a bunch of bread slices. The whole grain “good stuff”. Notice where the 100% bar is, where the arrow is pointing.

Now compare that to just some beef liver. A little tiny bit.

Or, we can look at some eggs, just for fun.

Or, how bout some spinach to round out the meal.

You see? No wonder the bread doesn’t  keep you from gettin’ hungry! But only a tiny tiny amount, a few ounces of beef liver, has tons more stuff in it! The best part? You can mix it in with ground beef if you don’t prefer the taste, and never even know it’s there!

Now, time for some self experimentation…

I want you non-believers. You bread-eaters. Who love it so damn much you just can’t bare to give it up. You keep making your excuses, I’ll keep staying healthy and strong. I want you to eat nothing but grains for a couple weeks.

I dare you.

Then tell me how healthy and strong you feel…

Right, and I’ll sit back and eat nothing but grass fed beef liver…

Who do you think will make it out alive? I’ll give you a guess!

Another thing I almost forgot to add…

That’s why it’s so damn difficult to be truly healthy on a vegetarian diet. You have to eat huge volumes of food just to keep up with us meat eaters! It’s hugely inconvenient, and most people don’t even know this. I mean, look at the nutrient profile for most plants, they still pale in comparison to most animal prducts! The average SAD-dieter-turned-veggie-eater will simply eat the same amounts they always have, but will slowly but surely start to become weaker, and more tired, and just less healthy. It’s true, lots of vegetarians have nutrient deficiencies, especially vitamin B!

Not only do you have to eat a ton, especially children, but it’s nearly impossible to do intermittent fasting successfully! That means little or no autophagy! You know, that little neat process our cells use to clean and detoxify the body? Autophagy is really necessary for total health to an extent, but it does not happen if you’re eating all the time!

~ Dan


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