Traditionally Prepared Grains

There’s a large crowd of “healthy” folks who like to eat grains, so-called “traditionally prepared” grains. These are soaked, sprouted, and fermented.

The act of preparing grains in this way is supposed to minimize as much as possible the anti-nutrient profile of the grains, to make them “healthier” to consume…

What a crock.

That’s great and all, but how bout the fact that the grains you’re “preparing” are still void of a high enough quantity of nutrients for anyone to even bother eating them. You’re still stuffing yourself with a carb-bomb.

You’re still gonna be ravenously hungry after, cus you didn’t get anything useful out of it.

Hmmm. Makes me think…

Ya know, I love beer. I make beer. It’s “traditionally prepared” too! You soak the sprouted “malt” to make the “mash”, and then ferment the whole thing!

At least it gets you buzzed. Can’t say the same for your “traditionally prepared” sourdough bread though…

…I wonder if the fact that I put “zombies” as a tag for this post will get it more views…

Zombies! They don’t drink beer. They drink brains.

~ Dan


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