Trouble with Poo

I had a conversation with someone regarding their constipation and gut back-up issues.

They have no appendix. Makes the issue worse, since gut bacteria issues arise.

One, stop eating the grains for the fiber. It irritates the gut and makes things worse in the long run. A damaged, chronically inflamed gut isn’t helping matters. You’re just perpetuating the problem. (like DR Scholl’s and flat feet, Planet Fitness and free pizza, the US government diet recommendations and obesity, etc).

You want fiber? Get it from leafy greens and fibrous fruit. At least its soluble, so it doesn’t just add “bulk” and irritate your gut. Soluble fiber can be fermented in the colon via gut bacteria. If you have gut bacteria issues, get some probiotics.

Eating plenty of fat from whole food sources will help move things along more safely. It doesn’t irritate or inflame your gut. Butter, eggs, olive oil, and animals all have good fats for this. Usually fat makes up the bulk of my calories, and I’m a smooth-once-a-day-goer. Truly, this helps.

Some people should avoid dairy if they don’t tolerate it well. Cheese will especially slow things down in the gut. So definitely minimize the dairy.

Focus on fat. You need more fat. Get over your fat phobia. You’ll have the most regular bowels ever. Fat should comprise the bulk of your calories, bottom line.

How do you add more fat?

Add olive oil instead of dressing. Cook with olive oil or bacon fat, lard, ghee, coconut oil, or butter. Eat more fish, avocado, coconut, high omega-3 eggs, and possibly supplement with fish or cod liver oil for a quick help.

In an emergency? Try a stick of butter melted onto a plate of spinach. That’ll do ya.

And just ditch the grains all together. Stop messing around. Unless you like having those “bad stomach days”. I dunno…It’s up to you.

~ Dan


One thought on “Trouble with Poo

  1. Hey Dan,
    I’ve read several of your pages now. Good work. Looks like our laborious research is in sync. It would be cool to have some email conversations with you sometime.

    For those who have the opposite problem (IBS-D) I strongly recommend the FODMAPS diet for a few weeks. Check it out.

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