Mood and energy on the up today

I did something a little different today, to change things up.

I find a little variation can go a long way. Especially when you get bored with your routine.

I moved my intermittent fasting period to earlier in the evening, so instead of having my last meal around 8 or 9, I now eat around 6. I break the fast earlier at 10am or 11am.

Today I took my creatine and D-Aspartic Acid this morning at 9:00 on an empty stomach, along with High Vitamin cod liver/butter oil blend, and coffee of course. I started the DAA a couple weeks ago, and have been taking it later in the day when I hit the gym. But haven’t noticed anything until now. Maybe that’s how long it takes to start working? Maybe in the morning is just better? Who knows.

I also had a few eggs afterward around 10:00. All in all I’ve been sticking pretty strictly to the Paleo diet, including weekends, except for some beer on the weekend of course. Us young guys must socialize, you know!

Sometimes I work out fasted, sometimes not. It’s winter, so I’m focusing on just eating more to put on size, rather than burning fat. It’s a lot of work to keep doing fasted training, and I noticed it slows my muscle gains a little bit. Motivation is tough to maintain that way.

I noticed something a few minutes ago. My mood is quite elevated and energy seems to be nice and even, on the upper end of high. This hasn’t happened in a while. Is the DAA kicking in?

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit run down with stresses and life compounding. Progress in the gym has slowed a bit, and I found myself looking for something to change. I wasn’t happy in my current state of being. So this is a welcome change. I’m feeling good today. I’ll try to do things the same was tomorrow and see what happens!

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