My Progress

Was it all in my head?

This morning I did some things different, and noticed some things were different, and then I went and lifted like an animal at the gym.

And guess what, PROGRESS happened! Added weight and reps all over the board, which is especially great, because Wednesdays are chest and triceps days (with some ab work), which are usually my weakest days!

So here’s what I posted earlier about doing some things differently. Giving myself some seasonal variation.

I should probably take some pictures, which I have not done in quite some time if you look back at my older Progress Posts.

Overall things are looking good and feeling great, even considering that my linear progression has slowed as of late. But, there’s always a way! So, keep on truckin’, or liftin’. Yeah.

Here, take a look at the numbahs. I’ll scan in my workout logs later. It’ll give me an excuse to make another post. hoorah.

I busted out 10 reps to failure on decline barbell bench, with 175lbs. Not bad. It’s been slow progress.

After a couple sets there I moved on to incline dumbell bench, and busted out 10 reps to failure with 60lbs in each hand. Moved to one more set using 45’s x 10 reps.

Then the pec-dec for reps, 90lbs for 14 reps, then 75lbs for 10. Both to failure.

Cable push downs have been struggling, but today I busted through the plateau. Ripped out 10 reps to failure at 150lbs. Moved on to 110lbs x 12 to fail. Then 100lbs x 10 to fail. Not bad considering I’ve been stuck at 150 for about 9 reps to failure for the last handfull of weeks.

Finished up with some cable crunches. 185lbs x 12 reps to failure. Then bodyweight leg raises, knees straight, 32 reps. Not too shabby!

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