I spend my time modding cars, playing bass in a reggae-rock band, and pushing buttons at a desk. I have a Bachelors degree in Finance which I hardly use. When I am not doing these things, I am researching everything related to improving mind and body. When I apply new practices I publish my results here. I also rant about things that get me excited. If I entertain you, all the better.

My goal is to educate while sharing my experiences with bodybuilding and health. My philosophy centers around the human-animal, and getting back to those functional roots within our modern world.

It’s also important to understand why I promote Paleo lifestyle so passionately: It leads to vibrant health that follows through to old age. It prevents disease and poor gene expression. It prevents sickness and injury. And it makes you look and feel like a million bucks! I believe pretty much everyone should at least try Paleo, all out, 100% for 30 days AT LEAST. See if you don’t agree with me. Because this is what got us here. It’s what makes us thrive!

Here is my story

My whole life I’ve been thin. Not athletic, but pretty skinny. And not much of a complexion. Pale. You might have thought I was healthy, but pretty much my entire life has been full of different health problems. From birth I was plagued by gut distress issues, unexplained stomach pains, and chronic acid reflux. My colic as an infant was likely attributed to this.

My mid teens I was prescribed proton pump inhibitors for the reflux. This may have made my health worse. Since my stomach was virtually shut down, nutrient absorption took a big hit, and gut pains and problems persisted, despite my lack of stomach acid.

I also had really bad acne. Chronic eczema too, which I was prescribed anti-inflammatory steroids for. I also got sick at least once a month.

On top of all that, I was tired all the time. I crashed hard in the afternoon. I slept all day long when I could. I didn’t eat much and remained thin through my freshman and sophmore year of college. The acne and skin problems followed. This, by the way, accumulated a bunch of stress and social anxiety on me.

Come the second half of sophmore year, I began to have sudden and violent pains in the region of my esophagus. Multiple ER and doctor visits came up with no answers for me. It was terrible, like being stabbed over and over again. Writhing in pain for hours on a hospital bed until they finally give you pain killers is not a good time. The only explanation was “take more proton pump inhibitors” or “it’s esophogeal spasm, there is no cure”.

“GREAT!” I thought. Wtf is this? It definitely wasn’t acid reflux related, since I had no acid pain, and it seemed to happen completely independent of any other symptoms.

I started going to they gym. The stress relief seemed to help, but I never put on any significant muscle, and I never totally cured the pains. They kept coming back every once in a while. I began to associate them with anxiety, since they started happening at large family gatherings. It never crossed my mind that it might be food related….

After years of trying to find a way to get muscles, without getting fat like all my other gym-going friends, I came across the Musclehack website. Basically a low-carb diet plan designed to bulk you up without fat, coupled with some really great workout routines (Which I still use!). My heartburn was mostly cured! I started to notice whenever I ate a bagel or something like that, heartburn would flare up immediately. BINGO! I thought I found the answer….

I was wrong. The low carb approach was close, but still an incomplete answer as far as my health was concerned. I was still eating junk on the weekends and grains and sugar during the week (even though they were small amounts). Heartburn would still show up sometimes, as well as the pains, acne, and other health issues.

I researched everything like a mad man. I wanted to know why everyone was stuck on the conventional old wisdom. Nothing seemed to add up.

I got deep into the biology. The more I read and questioned, the more I started to come to a realization. Health and bodybuilding are based off of old outdated ideas that have no science behind them! The conventional wisdom sucks, and everyone is listening to a small group of old stubborn people who just repeat everything they hear from crappy publications and adhere to outdated conventions that have to causal evidence to back them up!

I started to realize that there is more to health than counting macronutrients or calories. I realized that food has to be looked at within a certain context; the context of the human species as we evolved.

I didn’t know it, but I was about to stumble across Paleo. The wonderful world of science, common sense, and deep understanding of the biological processes that drive health and fitness. We are Homo Sapiens, animals. Genetically identical to our 100,000 year old ancestors.

Once I cut out grains, sugars, beans, and vegetable oils completely from my diet, I noticed immediate positive changes in my health AND body composition!

Muscle became almost effortless to attain. My recovery times diminished, as I used to get super sore for days. My soreness was now nonexistent, or only lasted one day. I stopped getting sick. My acne cleared up. I spent more time in the sun. I dropped all the prescription meds. I never had a stomach pain again. My heartburn disappeared completely. My social skills improved, likely because of a clearer mind and better body composition. Muscle is a great confidence booster, and continues to give me the motivation to keep going.

I always keep learning. I never stop reading and thinking. I always ask why. I always find out how things work, inside and out. It’s my duty to my body to follow the path of the animal, to live a long happy life.

I feel great every day. My mind is clear. It’s almost as if there’s a constant stimulant running through my blood. (It feels as if I have an unlimited natural source of adderol or something, pumping right into my brain) I never wake up sore or tired. I never need coffee during the day. I leave work energized and ready to lift heavy shit at the gym. I sleep more soundly than I ever did. Paleo has flipped my life around competely!

I refuse to spend the final years of my life in a bed or a wheelchair. I refuse to follow the masses. I refuse to be caged. That’s my philosophy. Hopefully my experience will inspire you to make the same changes, so that you can live a long healthy life, fully independent and capable, free of worry from injury or disease.

Recent Posts

Fix chronic back pain without doctors or medicine.

I used to have fairly chronic lower back pain.

Do not underestimate the importance of core strength. A weak core leads to bad posture, and injuries, as we age. Posture has incredible downstream effects for the entire body. Ever lift something over your head to reach a high shelf, or bend down to get some medium sized object, just to tweak your back or stretch something the wrong way? That’s the result of weak core and bad posture. Trust me, you don’t want that.

A bad back can be crippling. It can really have an impact on your entire life. I know, I used to hurt my back a lot. Complaining about back pain was something I was prepared to do for the rest of my life. It happened so frequently, it was almost “normal”. Scary thought huh? Especially at my young age.

I used to be scared of deadlifts. Sometimes I would try them, and end up injuring myself again.

But, after some reading and re-motivation, I decided to try it again and make them a regular part of my lifting routine. Boy am I glad I did!

After lots of slow, careful progression and attention to good form, I was able to build my deadlift up to over 300 lbs. Mind you, this has taken me a couple years, and a few set backs. But the fruits of my labor have ripened.

The benefits of zero back pain, and the ability to lift almost ANYTHING I need to, without fear of injury, is priceless! My posture is great, and it shows in my outward appearance, the appearance of greater confidence!

I never have back pain, even after sitting for 8 hours a day at my desk job. This is incredibly important, especially for all you desk-jockies out there with chronic low back pain. Strength and posture is everything. Especially as you age. Deadlift. Do it!

Deadlifts are super important. They are one of the major lifts that promote muscle growth and strength throughout your entire body. They support the core, legs, shoulders, and even grip strength. Everyone’s goal should be to deadlift at least their own bodyweight. That, I would say, is a fair assessment of good health and strength. If you can at least lift your own bodyweight in the big lifts (bench, squat, deadlift, pullup) you’re golden. Go for it!

True, when I started lifting I would hurt my back doing deadlifts. But I also hurt my back in other lifts as well. Overhead press, squat, even bench. Why? Because my core was weak. I would strain my back to overcompensate for the fact that I was just lifting more than my core could properly support, and I would get hurt. I’d have to take a break from lifting to heal the injury, and inevitably end up right back where I started.

What was the problem? Poor form. Poor form because I was trying to lift too much weight. I wasn’t adapted to it yet. I didn’t allow myself to progress at the proper weight.

A lot of folks make this mistake. They go too big, too soon, and hurt themselves. Then they convince themselves that “this type of lift is just not for me”, or “I don’t really need it”.

The fix? Start light. This is way more effective for newcomers than just loading the bar to a dangerous weight. Start at a light enough weight so you can build neuromuscular adaptation, and then strength, to hold the proper form. If you try a deadlift, and you can’t keep your back straight, its too heavy. GO SLOW AND LIGHT. Form is everything here.

Slow progresstion, attention to proper form, and patience are key. Once you build up your core strength and the ability to lift heavy, say bye-bye to back pain!


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