Dan’s Eats

Burger breakfast: Grass fed burger (with liver in it) under 2 sunny side up eggs. And bacon!

Coconut smoothie: real fresh coconut water from my own coconut, handfull of berries, raw egg yolk, and ice.

Kabobs: classic kabob veggies and meat choice, salted and peppered. Served with grilled honey basted pineapple and a Corona!

Emergency Protein: ground beef, a chili pepper, crushed pepper, cajun seasoning, and chopped tomatoes. Next to sauted asparagus. Everything is covered in grass fed butter!!!!

Eating healthy on the go, or at work, is easy!

Look what I just made in a matter of minutes! I just took a liesurely stroll down the block to my local “health food” grocery store!

[3 egg omelette. Pasture raised butter. Baby spinach. Goat cheese]. Whisk eggs. 90 seconds in microwave. Flip, add toppings. Cook for another 90 seconds (or whatever your preference). Friggin easy!

I also found something perfect for later. Grilled salmon with a few roasted potato chunks and brussels sprouts! I’m gonna cover…no…SMOTHER the whole thing in pasture raised butter and Frank’s Hot Sauce!

So don’t give me no ‘scuses! Don’t get lazy! You can find good, healthy food fer cheap at any grocery store!

Dan’s Eats

Here’s some food I ate this week. In no particular order!

Click on any of the pics for a food-porn style close up!

Here’s some surf and turf! My second meal of today, which is one of the larger ones, since today is a big lifting day. I marinated a tuna steak for 2 days in olive oil, spicy brown mustard, salt and pepper and vinegar. Then grilled it next to a dry-spice-rubbed piece of steak of some sort. Served next to raw shredded organic cabbage!

Along side that surf-n-turf was a granny smith apple and some whole-fat grass-fed plain yogurt! Yumm!

Last night for dinner, a couple pastured beer brats with organic saurkraut (sp?). It was a rest day, so my meals were smaller.





And along side the brats, a little invention of mine called spicy kale! I nuked some fresh kale on top of some chopped jalapeno pepper, bathed in coconut oil, then sprinkled with salt and pepper once cooked. This is a dream. The jalapeno steam imparts just the perfect amount of heat to the kale. It’s so friggin endorphin happy tasty yum!







Finally, the other day I girlled up some chunky-burgers. It’s basically grass fed beef, with chopped onions and thick ass bacon mixed in, with whatever spices I have on hand. I usually make them really spicy, because I love it when my face melts off!

These were served on top of foil-pack-grilled-buttery collard greens n’ onions, with more chopped bacon sprinkled on top!

get stoneage!


Dan’s Eats

Here’s my menu for the day.

Today is a rest day, which means I’m only eating twice. First meal is a big one, and dinner is smaller today.

Morning beverage: big ol’ cup-o-joe!

1st meal, lunch 12:00:

Big ass green and purple chef salad, with olive oil and vinegar. Topped with one egg, some cheddar, ham and bacon.

Some steamed green pepper in coconut oil, salt and pepper.

2 cans of sardines in olive oil.

1 bag of salmon jerky (I saw it and HAD to try it).

2 organic coconut macaroons sweetened with honey.

1 large coffee with a splash of cream.

2nd meal, dinner 7:00:

large grilled and marinated veal rib chop.

full-fat grass-fed plain yogurt.

Some steamed veggies in pasture butter, salt and pepper.