I didn’t vote. I never have.

I don’t have any say in your life or affairs. You don’t have any say in mine. Period. Based on that simple logic, voting is wrong.

I have more of an influence over my social circle, because my percentage of a say is much larger, and I have the option of “voting with my feet”, which means if I don’t like it, I can leave.

Can’t say the same about voting in America. The cost of voting with your feet is way too high. You can’t just get up and go as easly.

It’s also stupid, because the system is broken. Nothing will change unless the structure of the American IdioDemocratic fuckall-System changes. So I don’t participate, because I don’t support it. You support the broken system by voting, therefore, you have zero right to complain when it does not work. Change? Where the hell is your change? Good luck.