How does fat make you fat?

For most foods to make you gain excess body fat, you have to over eat them.

Saturated fat is your body’s natural storage form for excess energy. You were designed that way, over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Excess food, from sugar, carbs, fat, and even some protein, gets stored as saturated fat, because it’s what your body likes to burn.

So, what causes us to over eat fats, or anything for that matter?

One proposed cause has to do with nutrient density. Eating nutrient void foods may fill you up temporarily in the tummy, but due to their lack of useable vitamins, minerals, proteins, or whatever, you tend to become more hungry more often. This makes you eat more. And let’s face it, it’s probably more of the same stuff you ate before.

What types of fats are void of nutrients, and would tend to make us over eat them?

Unsatrated and hydrogenated fats from vegetable oils (the industrially processed kind, the kind we cook and deep fry with, and use as an additive in most packaged foods) are guilty of this. They contain little or no vital nutrients for your body. These are the unhealthy fattening fats you want to avoid. Not to mention, they oxidize very easily, causing systemmic inflammation, and therefore many modern degenerative diseases.

Saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated (yes even trans) fats, from naturally raised animal and plant sources that are unprocessed and unadulterated, contain many vital nutrients that your body needs, including fat soluble vitamins and minerals that you can’t get in a pill or supplement. There are in fact hundreds of different types of vitamins A, D, B, E, and K, all found in natural animal sources, and all that do something a little bit different in your body! None of these types can be supplemented, because most of them have barely even been discovered yet, let alone synthesized. And usually, the synthetic forms of vitamins don’t even do what they’re supposed to! (see: Folic Acid)

Due to this healthful nature of natural fats, it is much harder to over eat them, because you are kept sated for longer. These types of fats are also near impossible to oxidize. Even the more easily oxidized polyunsaturated fats come pre-packaged in natural form with antioxidants! Brilliant!

Conveniently, one of the most filling factors in natural fat rich foods is protein. Protein also keeps you from getting hungry. And complete proteins are necessary for building and maintaining everything in your body. What a two-for-one deal we get here! How can you go wrong? Eggsandbacon eggsandbacon!

How convenient, that mother nature put all this good stuff in nice natural healthy little units called animals. And we can eat ’em too!?!! omfg!!

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Now what about this inflammation nonsense?

Chronic and systemmic inflammation has also been shown to cause excessive fat gain. How does this happen?

Inflammation confuses your normal systems, and causes a disregulation of your healthy body fat regulating devices. One system of note is the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls metabolism, nutrient uptake and expenditure, and hormones. Chronic inflammation throws it all outta whack, so your key hunger and body fat regulating hormones also get outta whack. We’re talkin’ about leptin, insulin, ghrelin, and a whole bunch of others you may not have even heard of!

Now we’re gettin’ into what causes insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and stuff. Too much sugar in the diet, and other inflammatory foods like easily oxidized processed fats and grains, causes a whole lotta systemmic inflammation. An unhappy hypothalamus indeed!

See? Where would you be without me, making all this stuff so easy to understand?

So, we’ve talked about nutrient density, and we talked about inflammation. Is there anything else I’m missing?

Ah yes. A lack of dietary fats, the healthy, natural, unprocessed kind, can make it more difficult for your body to burn off excess body fat. So again, it seems it’s in your best interest to ditch the margarine and canola oil, and pick up them ribs baby!

We in America have a chronic unnatural avoidance of dietary fats, which leaves our natural fat burning mechanisms out of practice! If you want to burn of excess body fat, you need to train your mitochondria how to burn it primarily for energy. It is what they want, after all! So you need to eat a range of healthy natural unprocessed fats, while avoiding the industrial ones, and avoiding nutrient void crap foods like Oreos ‘n’ stuff. Once you stop burning mostly sugar for energy, your mitochondria will by happy to burn mostly fat, and you’ll be happy too, because fat metabolism creates less free radicals! Cool Beans!

Oh yah, walking around a lot and lifting heavy things also trains your body to burn fat primarily for energy, instead of sugar. Bonus!

Still not convinced? Still think there’s too many calories in fat? You really should read this post here: You wanna talk calories? Lets talk calories.

Cutting out all the excess garbage, and eating only whole real natural foods will get your inflammation down, your fat burning mechanisms practiced and in place, and will make sure you aren’t hungry or tempted to over eat! See how easy this is? It’s super stoneage common sense!

Oh yah, I almost forgot! (how could you let me forget?) Atherosclerosis and heart disease is now widely recognized as an inflammatory disease, which means cholesterol is off the hook! woohoo! Read about it here.

Get Stoneage!

~ Dan