Homeless Paleo Guide. How to eat incredibly healthy, even when you’re broke!

I was inspired to write this as a result of one of my recent recipes. A nice, filling, nutrient dense egg dish made with minimal time or cost.

I’ve also been eating more eggs lately, and subsequently have been saving a ton of cash! Probably because I’ve also been eating less, ‘cus I’m less hungry. Nutrient density, hoorah!

There’s a stigma with Paleo about the apparent cost of food. With all the talk about grass-fed-this and free-range-that, organic blah blah blah, you can get caught up in how much more expensive that stuff is. Especially when you’re standing in Price Chopper looking at the big 6lb package of 80% ground beef. So cheap! So tasty! But not grass fed? Booo hooo.

But, the expensive cuts of meat aren’t necessary at all. If all you want to do is be full, happy, and healthy, you only need a few key things.

So what’s on my Homeless Paleo shopping list?

  1. Eggs (from free range pasture fed hens if possible. These are always cheap, either way, and they fill you up! (Just try to eat more than 4 in one sitting, I bet you can’t do it!) They can be eaten raw if free range. Crack egg, dump into mouth, choke down. You can live on eggs alone. Price ranges from $3 to $5)
  2. Liver (this is dirt cheap, but MUST. MUST be from free range fed animals, otherwise it’s loaded with toxins from all the crap they feed to factory-farmed animals. Liver is the most satiating food EVER. And it’s a loaded natural mulitvitamin! Can be eaten raw, probably very difficult to chew, but also easy to grill in foil packages over a dumpster fire. I get packages of liver that last me 2 weeks for about $3)
  3. Vegetables (these can be gathered for free from gardens, or grown in some secret place in the woods, and don’t necessarily have to be organic to be nutritious. Stick with the basics: spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, etc. Even better, restaurant leftovers as long as they’re fresh, can be harvested from most compost bins)
  4. Oil (for cooking when you have the means. Make it coconut, olive, or some sort of animal fat. If you opt istead to grill on a trash can fire, you don’t even need cooking oils!)
  5. Bone broth (Necessary for calcium and lots of good minerals ‘n’ stuff. Bones can be found literally anywhere! Look in the restaurant dumpster, or butcher shop has got them cheap! Best of all, your doggy pal can munch on a marrow bone and be just as happy and healthy as you! Get a big container that’s heat resistant, find some clean-ish water, and boil that bone next time you build a campfire or sumthin’.)
  6. Beef sticks (Jerky. This is an option, not a necessity. Can be a bit pricey, and not entirely Paleo, but they are calorie dense and have lots of protein and fat to keep you going when the going gets tough. They last forever too. Good in a pinch, or during long train rides…)
  7. Wild fruit (berries can be found when in season. Apples too. Other edible wild plants include dandelion, cattail root, and acorns. If you’re homeless in the city, sorry, you’re SOL)

So yes, no matter what you hear or read, it is possible to eat Paleo, get all the nutrients you need, be healthy and not hungry, all on a broke-ass-budget! Nutrient density is your friend, especially where your goal is to eat less and never be hungry. I know when I eat these things, I can go a whole day with only one decent sized meal, without hunger or fatigue. Plus, the less I spend on buying food and finding food, the more time I have for pan handling and drinkin’ bum wine! WIld Irish Rose FTW!!!

Not to mention, from all the dense fat and protein you’d be eating on a liver n eggs diet, you would be jacked and ripped, probably could enter a bodybuilding competition, win a ton of cash, and then you wouldn’t need to even follow the Homeless Paleo Guide! Genious!

~ Dan