Protein Powder

Someone asked me what I thought about casein protein powder. I gave them the same answer I give anyone regarding whether to take protein or not.

If you can tolerate it, and you are not lactose intolerant, protein powders are safe and should not pose any issues from a health standpoint.

But, it suddenly becomes easy to overeat. Since protein powders bypass our natural satiety mechanisms. You just downed a few hundred calories, and now you’re ready to eat another full meal.

The fullness mechanisms, or satiety mechanisms, like chewing, texture, taste, smell, fullness, etc, all tell our bodies how much we are eating, and when to stop, because our body is now replete with the nutrients it needs.

Chew your protein. You’ll be getting plenty to support growth of new tissues and muscle, without consuming a whole bunch of extra calories, not to mention sweeteners and additives.

If you are one of those people who does not get hungry and becomes sated from protein powders, go right ahead, just make sure you are using it to replace a meal, or a large part of a meal, and don’t add those calories back in the form of other food, unless you have a really high activity level and can utilize the extra energy.

Self experiment a little. I’m sure most people will find that protein powders are really not necessary..

~ Dan