The Revolution: Flannel!

choosing your flannel:

“Aim for the classic flannel look. Hipsters, emo kids, and skateboarders are trying to popularize obnoxious patterns and colors. Before you make your purchase, ask yourself, “Can I wear this outside in a snowy forest and not look like a fuck-head?” If the answer is no, do not make the purchase and consider burning the building down.”

…Taking back manliness! Yes! Cheers, 70’s Big!

Epidemiological Studies Can Not Be Trusted.

 They, in all cases, cannot be used at all to ‘suggest’, ‘provide evidence’, or anything that might be interpreted as causing any effect, period.

To use epidemiology thusly is a travesty of rational thought. Basically they have very limited scientific utility. All that they can do is to say, “these effects were found in this group under these circumstances, with the caveats: 1) there are many unaccounted-for and in fact unknown confounders; 2) the data is suspect due to the way it was gathered; 3) any causal suggestions are totally conjectural; 4) science journalists should understand that research conclusions herein using words such as ‘linked to’, ‘associated with’, ‘shows’, ‘may be’, all are used in a scientific sense that is quite different from the usage by the man on the street, who thinks, not unreasonably, that these terms imply causality; and that 5) since this is an epidemiological study, it is by definition almost worthless, and should only be used to encourage debate and actual experimentation.”

The problem is many scientists have made a living at data-mining the old, long-term studies for new papers for so long, the methodology is very entrenched. And unfortunately, it does not lead to good experiments as often as it should, so the original ‘conclusions’, no matter how unjustified, hang in the scientific & public consciousness for a long time.

So next time you see some news artcle, headline, nightly-news-scare, or whatever, claiming that “red meat will kill you”, or some crazy nonesense, ask yourself “where’s the information coming from?”

Correlation is not causation. This is 6th grade stuff. Get with it people.

I really love bacon

Simply Think Paleo

Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution. – Theodosius Dobzhansky

Now, go out there and don’t “do” Paleo or try to “be” Paleo. Simply think Paleo. Use the principles, science and knowledge of human evolution to inform your decisions over the many choices you have in life, not really obsessing over the elusive “optimal,” but just better and better, over time.

Accept the bumps.

Read it!:


BA training.

I don’t like playing around and saying fatness is fine. It’s not. It’s not healthy. And a recent NYTIMES Article is another instance of marginalizing the negatives of fatness. Not cool.

Wanna bet that the reason low bmi people who aren’t fit can be unhealthier than fit but fat people is that the low bmi people are just skinny fat, and in fact have a higher body fat % ? Just another reason BMI is retarded. Another reason to lift weights. Another reason to eat meat and support muscle growth. Another reason to not be weak. Another instance of America justifying fatness as it becomes “normal”

That is all.

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We were put on this earth to help other people

…That’s what I’ve been doing. The reason I’ve been writing less here, is because I’ve been focusing on helping friends “out there” in the real world.

Someone I know has some chronic joint problems, and recently problems with fluctuating bodyweight. The joint pain doesn’t make exercise easy. I threw together the following email to her. Lots of the intervention I recommend below could also apply to a plethora of health issues, but I still tried to tailor it to my friend’s needs.

My Letter:

“You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but I’m willing to bet money if you give this a try for a few weeks, you’ll notice immediate improvements in pain and body composition, among other things. I did this research with you in mind, so I hope you read it thoroughly. Plus if you don’t try it, I’ll kick your butt 😉
And I’m not just trying to prove a point. I actually care a great deal about this stuff, and wouldn’t go to all this trouble if I didn’t think it would help you. I care. A lot. It’s my weakness.
I fixed a ton of my health problems this way too, and put on a good amount of muscle in a short time as a bonus (even though I was working out hard for years prior with no results). Anyway, I’ve been doing this for 2 years roughly. It’s definitely sustainable, but a lifetime commitment also. Totally worth it in my opinion.
Basically it comes down to minimizing systemic inflammation, which is pretty much the cause of all your problems.
(Your doctor likely will shrug this shit off, because they know very little about actual biology, and a lot more about “we can manage this by prescribing you this drug”. (I mean, they still accept the “heart-health hypothesis” for fuck-sake, that blames cholesterol on heart disease. It’s actually not cholesterol that causes heart disease, but oxidized LDL particles (which are not cholesterol, they just are vehicles that carry it around) due to excessive polyunsaturated fats, causing an inflammatory response within the arterial wall, as cytokines attempt to contain the oxidized lipids.) Ask me more about this if you’re curious. Polys are extremely unstable and oxidize rapidly, due to the double bonds in the molecule. Saturated fat has no double bonds, and is therefore nearly impossible to oxidize. Anyway, I’m getting off topic…)

Ditch the grains, especially wheat, and sugar: Avoiding grains in all forms – and yes, that includes beer (sadly, even though I drink it often enough, eh whatevs) was the single best move I made toward improving my skin problems, IBS, upper GI issues, chronic tiredness, depression, and random aches and pains every day. Gluten intolerance is often connected to arthritis, and there’s tons of papers on possible connections between dietary lectins and arthritis (PDF). They focus on rheumatoid arthritis, but I don’t think osteoarthritis and RA are so different.

Avoid excess omega 6 fats: Higher circulating levels of interleukin-6 (IL-6), a pro-inflammatory cytokine , is highly significant predictors of osteoarthritis of the knee. Can you guess which type of polyunsaturated fatty acid leads to excessive levels of IL-6? Exactly. Skip the corn, soybean, canola, and vegetable oil and the resultant pro-inflammatory eicosanoids. No fried food, duh. Use animal fat, butter, olive oil, and coconut oil instead, and eat plenty of fatty fish or take fish oil.

Avoid potatoesOPTIONAL. They’re not the worst things in the world, but some people report joint pain after consuming potatoes. I sometimes get tinges of my old knee pain from a football injury if I eat potatoes on consecutive days, though the problem seems to worsen if I eat the skins, which is where most of the anti-nutrients are held. Most people don’t have a problem with potatoes or tomatoes, but as they are nightshades, they can trigger responses in those with autoimmune diseases like MS or Chron’s disease. This one’s more of a suggestion just in case. You may not have an issue with nightshades, but either way, food for thought. (HAHA see what I did there?) Go for safer sources if you want starches, like sweet potatoes, yams, and winter squash instead.

Get plenty of sun or supplement with vitamin D: According to several studies, low vitamin D status is linked to increased osteoarthritis. I know for a fact it makes me feel better. High vitamin D also makes you feel good because it releases dopamine, and also supercharges your immune system. POW!

Consider glucosamine supplements: Art Ayers had an interesting take on glucosamine. Rather than it providing the raw material for cartilage production as it’s commonly assumed, glucosamine actually binds to free transglutaminase 2 (TG2). TG2 is a well-known marker for osteoarthritis severity, and it often binds with gluten, resulting in the formation of pro-inflammatory antibodies. If glucosamine binds with TG2, less TG2 is available to bind with more inflammatory compounds. This gives your joints more of an opportunity to heal.

Another option is to drink bone broth on a regular basis and gnaw on the articular endpoints of animal bones. I love ribs, and I’ll cook you up some mean slow cooked bbq ribs any time you want! Fucking BOMB!

As a side note, complete proteins are absolutely necessary to repair damaged tissues. So, along with eating lots of animals, the high protein diet improves calcium absorption in the gut. That greater calcium utilization, along with the high levels of vitamin K in the animal products, will produce a double whammy for your bones and joints. Calcium does not function without proper amounts of vitamin K.

Lift heavy things: In order to support healthy cartilage, your joints must bear weight. I use a more traditional barbell approach. Just don’t think biking or swimming is enough; those may be useful for folks with no cartilage at all, but if you want your chondrocytes to do their job, you have to provide the right stimulus, and that means load-bearing exercises. It remains unclear whether cartilage can actually regrow thanks to proper exercise, but we do know that resistance training improves osteoarthritis outcomes. In your case with the joint issues, actually moving a heavy load may not be realistic. But there are other methods that are just as effective, if not more so. the Body By Science method relies on basically holding a contraction for a set period of time to muscle failure, instead of moving a weight for reps. You still work all the muscle fiber types, without having to worry about joint issues. Ask me more about this if you are interested.

Either sprint or move slowly: Chronic Cardio increases systemic inflammation from excess cortisol, and increases your desire for inflammatory, cheap carbs like grains. Try sprinting or hiking instead. You’d have to work up to this slowly, obviously, but the benefits are retarded cool. I sprint once a week. So much more efficient than running on a treadmill for hours, torturing yourself. poo-poo.

Basically it comes down to diet first. Lots of animals, eggs, vegetables, and some fruit. Nothing processed, nothing in a package. High fat, moderate protein, carbs don’t really matter as long as you’re not bingeing in fruit and potatoes every day. There’s a plethora of research and anecdotal reports of people solving every type of health issue imaginable with this basic dietary intervention. Call me a quack if you want, but I honestly don’t think you should knock it until you try it.

Show me any other dietary intervention that has been able to get diabetics off meds, cure obesity, depression, improve autism, improve cancer treatment effectiveness, and help old people stay strong and build muscle while staying lean and healthy. I bet you can’t!”


“Scientific habits of mind, or the scientific process, can be succinctly summarized as the use of evidence and reason to arrive at conclusions. This sounds simple but it’s a demanding code: Take nothing for granted, form conclusions on the basis of careful observation and honest thinking, and be willing to modify those conclusions in the light of new experience.

In other words: Trust the universe, rather than tradition, emotion, authority figures, ancient texts, or popular vote. It’s a code that has worked surprisingly well for science. It might be science’s most important benefit.”

Art Hobson, Professor Emeritus of Physics

University of Arkansas

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Government tries to shut down paleo diet blogger

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

The Declaration of Independence

This I have to blog about.

CHARLOTTE — The North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition is threatening to send a blogger to jail for recounting publicly his battle against diabetes and encouraging others to follow his lifestyle. 

Chapter 90, Article 25 of the North Carolina General Statutes makes it a misdemeanor to “practice dietetics or nutrition” without a license. According to the law, “practicing” nutrition includes “assessing the nutritional needs of individuals and groups” and “providing nutrition counseling.”

Steve Cooksey has learned that the definition, at least in the eyes of the state board, is expansive.

When he was hospitalized with diabetes in February 2009, he decided to avoid the fate of his grandmother, who eventually died of the disease. He embraced the low-carb, high-protein Paleo diet, also known as the “caveman” or “hunter-gatherer” diet. The diet, he said, made him drug- and insulin-free within 30 days. By May of that year, he had lost 45 pounds and decided to start a blog about his success.”

College vegetarian goes Primal, gets healthier

Is fortification of food dangerous?

Sweet potato: marathon fuel secret weapon.

5 Movements essential for long term health

The relationship between exercise and food intake

Decode lottery tickets (may not make you rich, but it’s fun)

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I changed a few things and added a couple pages. There is a new tab for “archives and all posts” you can click on if you hover your pointer over the “home” tab, and I also added a tools tab which I will develop as time goes on, which is viewable by hovering over “resources”

Also changed the look of the home page so its not as cluttered, and the format of a few other pages.



Women’s training should not differ to much from men on a whole but there are slight differences that need to be taken into account.  I will explore some of theses differences and how they relate to your workout.  I will give you a couple of tips to help you design your workout programs such as exercises, sets and reps, so you can manipulate them to your advantage. I tried to include things that are missing the most in a woman’s workout routine.


90% of women I train are afraid to lift heavier weights and are afraid they will get huge man muscles.  Don’t worry its not that easy. Hormones is one of the major factors that dictate why women cannot get as large as men.  Women’s androgen(hormones that maintain and develop male characteristics) levels are lower …

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But where will I get my CALCIUM???

Vegetarianism linked to poor health??

Can low cholesterol cause CANCER??

More flu vaccine bullshit

The Highbrow Paleo guide to binge drinking! (just in time for my weekend!) How to avoid a hangover and drink more booze!

This new meme went viral after a photo received the tag “rediculously photogenic guy”. Kinda looks like me, eh?

Turns out nitrates and nitrites aint actually bad fer ya! You actually get more nitrates and nitrites in your own saliva! But just don’t cook foods with nitrates, because they turn into nitrosamines, which are very bad. So you can eat em, just don’t HEAT em!

This was my breakfast

at 12:30, which took me 45 minutes to eat. This will be my first of only 2 meals today. Typical for my Fridays.

3/4 lb beef roast

bowl of saffron fish stew with potatoes, onions, and various other veggies. There were like 5 kinds of fish in it.

about 40 dry roasted salted sprouted almonds

an ounce or so of dried organic mango

2 clementines

one tangerine

coffee with a splash of cream

an organic coconut macaroon with honey and a little bit of dark chocolate.

I’m not going to eat again until 6:30, which is after my workout today. Fasted training is da-bomb!