No Magic Pills, Weight Loss Shakes, or Shortcuts

There are no shortcuts to losing weight and staying in shape.

You can’t take a synthetic-vitamin laden protein shake every day, eat whateverthehell you want afterward, and expect to lose weight permanently. That’s not a long term solution.

You can’t take a magic pill to speed up your metabolism and burn the fat off without exercise. It won’t work in the long run. Your body adjusts and builds tolerance.

The nutrients your body needs are in whole foods from animals, fruits and vegetables, not in some once-a-day protein shake that claims to magically burn off the excess fat you’ve accumulated over years of poor diet and laziness. If you’re eating whole, unprocessed foods, you won’t be hungry unnecessarily. You’ll be full for longer periods. There’s no need to put money in anyone’s pocket who claims that their snake-oil will cure your every ailment.

But of course you want the easy answer, the easy way out. No one wants to hear the hard-truth that YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE to get meaningful, long lasting, permanent changes to your health and weight.

There’s no shortcut to losing weight and being fit your entire life. It takes dedication and hard work. You have to lift weights and eat lots of *healthy* animals. For your entire life. That’s the hard truth.

Of course, you don’t have to listen to me. You can take the “easy” way out. Have fun with that forever fluctuating body weight.

Strong Equals Sexy

The trend is changing. For the better.

No longer do women want to be the victims of yo-yo dieting that leaves you skinny, weak, unhealthy, and incapable. I think we are starting to notice the change, especially with CrossFit producing such great results for people.

Heavy weight lifting, Ancestral type diet, life long results. It’s a powerful combination.

Just look at the top Google images for “strong is the new sexy” (click pic for larger image)

Because we all know where you end up years down the road, if you continue the conventional route of excess cardio and crap food dieting.

You go from this…

To this…