Eat This. The Paleo Diet Framework.

100% Grass Fed Ruminants (Bison, Beef, Deer, Elk, etc.) Read “Why Grass Fed?”


Free Range Pasture fed chicken, eggs, pork


Fruit (not too much)

Don’t Eat This

Grains (wheat flour, whole grain wheat, barley, oats, quinoa, rice, corn, etc.) Read why.

Legumes (peanuts, seeds, beans, soy products)

Added Sugars and Sweeteners (natural or artificial) 

Veggie Oils (canola, corn, soy, palm kernel, sunflower, safflower, etc.) Read why.

Fruit juice (Just eat the whole food!)

Man Made or processed food-like products.

Drugs. Duh. Smoking makes you fat.

Limit This

Dairy, Nuts (Depends on how you handle these personally)

Dark Chocolate (70% or darker. In small quantities)


How Do I Do This?

Shop in the outside aisles of the grocery store. Read labels. Be smart.

My Eggs of Choice

…The paleolithic was a long era, spanning 2.6 million years ago to 10,000 years ago. Some populations experienced scarcity, but the vast majority of remains do not have tell-tale signs of malnutrition present in later agrarian populations. Foraging populations studied today have highly variable diets, often utilizing hundreds of species. Paleolithic assemblages vary from some in the Levant that show utilization of grasses and legumes to massive Middle Paleolithic assembleges in Africa of Eland, a very delicious high-fat game animal. Both paleolithic populations, totally different diets. I guess either way they weren’t eating sugar, processed foods, grains, and vegetable oil, which is why the paleolithic diet works so well…

14 thoughts on “Eat This. The Paleo Diet Framework.

  1. No sugar, right? And its got some really good stuff in it like CHOCOLATE! It also has the ability to reduce blood clots, lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, it’s loaded with antioxidants called phenolic phytochemicals/ flavanoids. Cocoa may also contain more flavanoids than green tea or red wine. As long as it aint Hersheys (yuk). I personally enjoy 70% or darker very rarely, but that means it still has sugar so I’m careful. Combine with red wine for a resveratrol kick! woot!

    • So, Paleo’s can eat it? I have great difficulty ending my day without a glass of Merlot and a chocolate square, not that I have any interest in converting. The chocolate I purchase is sweetened with coconut nectar, stevia, and occasionally, unrefined, raw cane sugar or rapadura. Always 70% cacao or higher, I don’t care for the flavor of less.

      As I nibbled on some earlier today, I was unsure if I was caveman approved.

      • Well yes, but keep in mind sugar is still sugar. Whether it’s nectar, agave, or cane, your body pretty much processes it the same way.

        But yes, cave-person approved

        not that you need my approval or anything…

        And are you giving me editing advice? I hear you have trouble spelling sometimes…. 😉

  2. Agave and cane are, but coconut nectar is mainly inulin. Which, correct me if I am wrong, is indigestible and assists with flora. Stevia is awesome in every way, but I only ever found one chocolate bar that used it as a sweetener and I have been unable to locate it for some time. Very upsetting. If you ever come across one, please let me know.

    My shortcomings in spelling stem from my first grade teacher constantly putting me in time-out causing fragments of the lesson to go unheard. Then failure at the spelling bee caused further emotional trauma that no amount of hours with a therapist can rewind (kidding on all points, though I was a naughty one).

    …Though I see you took my advice.

    • Sure it’s indigestible. Like one of those artificial sweeteners? Don’t some people have bowel trouble with too much of that? Which one am I thinking of…

      Your first grade teacher didn’t put you in enough time out. You need more discipline.

  3. Well….very good list, though in my opinion would be more complete with a “Don’t Drink This” list – soda, crappy sports drinks, kool-aid, etc. Some mention of the status of dairy would be nice too. Otherwise a person trying to use this list could be downing that grass-fed organic bison prime rib with a 2-liter bottle of Dr. Pepper. The thought makes me pucke(sp?), but I think you get the point.

    Now maybe these nasty soda beverages are covered under the “Added Sugars and Sweeteners (natural or artificial)” category. If so, my bad. It still might, however, clarify things a bit, if you addressed the issue of what to drink and what not to drink. Some paleo dieticians simply say something like, “Don’t drink your calories.”

    • I like to leave some room for people to ask questions. If I give everyone all the answers, they’re less likely to take it upon themselves to do more reading and research to clarify things and learn on their own

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