Is the NFL full of children and pantywaists? Nope, just brain injuries…

In recent news…

more than 2,400 NFL retirees are sueing the NFL over head injuries they received while playing.


That’s like Mike Tyson sueing his agent for his current “state of bewilderment” or whatever you want to call it. (Have you seen him speak?)

Football is a dangerous contact sport. I’m pretty certain if you elect to do that for most of your professional life, you are accepting that there are risks involved.

That’s like sueing your car company for your car accident. You got in the car. You accepted there might be a risk.

That’s like sueing McDonalds for your heart attack.

When a baseball player uumps over a fence to catch a ball, and hurts his shoulder, does he sue the MLB over the injury? Fuck no!

Freaking dumb-asses. Grow up. I think all the money and collisions went to their heads…

Fix your shin splints

Most of this has to do with running, but it’ll help with your walking shin splints also.

I think the first thing you’d want to try, and the easiest, is to go with minimal shoes, like I wear, so they don’t interfere with natural movement.
1. Learn to not be a heel striker when running. land midfoot to forefoot.
2. Therefore, wearing minimalist shoes or barefoot is best, as “running shoes” and anything with a heel or too much cushion enables an artificially wider gait, enabling you to heel strike = BAD.
Minimalist shoes makes natural movement possible and strengthens your arch, and the other foot muscles. (Think about it. An arch support is like a cast. What happens to your arm muscle after it’s been in a cast for a whole month? It atrophies. When your arch isn’t asked to do it’s job by supporting your body, it will atrophy. What a great gig DR Scholls has set up, he sells products that perpetuate the symptoms they claim to fix!)
3. Don’t over-stride. Land with your feet closer to underneath your hips, not with your feet landing ahead of your hips.
4. Don’t push off with the toes. Learn to move at the hips.
Look into pose running technique. (far right image)
HMGS: Strike a Pose